Steps for Proper Speech Preparation

For a speech to be successful there has to be a very organized and proper preparation. This is to say that the strength of a speech is strongly dependent on the preparation ability of a speaker. If an individual is preparing for a speech, it is necessary that he or she focuses on factors that will enable him or her make a better impact. Let’s consider the important factors that govern a speech.

An overview on speech giving

The most important reason for every speech is to pass information to the listener. This should be the main objective in the mind of every speaker. All efforts put in any speech should be directed more on accurately passing the exert information a speaker has in mind.

Some factors that will ensure accurate transfer of information

Proper use of words:

Most speakers have the right information and message in mind but lack the ability to put the words together to make the meaning they have in mind. Some even end up saying a different thing from what they have in mind because they lack the ability to compose their words. A speaker should learn how to use his or her word properly in order to transfer the exert message in his or her mind to the listeners.

Good movement:

The movement of a speaker has so much to do with his or her message transfer ability. When a speaker does not move in the pace of his or her message, there will be a break in communication with the audience. Some times, the audience might misunderstand the speech because of wrong movement technique. Note the right movement for every speech should go in accordance to the speed and type of speech.

Good gesture:

This covers your attitude at the course of a message. While making a speech, the gesture of a speaker should elaborate more on his words. There are situations where some listeners do not really understand the words of a speaker, but with his or her gesture the meaning is made clearer. The smiles, aggressiveness, hand movement etc must rhyme with the speech in order to make more impact on the listener.


Most people fail to deliver the message while making speeches because they do not use the power of their voice. To ensure that a message is properly conveyed to the audience, there has to be a strong effect of the voice. This is to ensure a proper understanding and good listing ability of your audience.

How do one prepare for speech?

Deliberate properly on the topic of your speech:

Most speakers tend to loose track while giving speeches because they lack a proper understanding of the topic they are to speak on. The topic of a speech determines the rate at which a speaker researches and renders his or her speech. A good speaker should ensure that his or her topic is chosen from an area where he can explore. This will ensure that he or she has a proper flow while giving his or her speech.

Perform a proper research on your topic:

The more researches made on a topic, the easier the speech becomes. With proper research, a speaker has points in his or her arsenals. Most speakers run out of points while delivering their speeches. This situation can be avoided by researching deep on a particular topic.

Develop confidence within yourself:

This is very important in ever speech. Confidence boosts the performance of every speaker. Stage fear can also be overcome when one posses a maximum amount of self-confidence.

Jot down important point:

Most speakers take this for granted but this is very important for every speech. It might be difficult to remember some point at the course of your speech. Jotting down point will serve as a quick reminder to a speaker.

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