Promiscuity in women – Causes and possible remedies

It might be shocking to think about the surging rate of promiscuity in women today. Recently, most women do not give any respect or meaning to their body or relationship. To be honest in this matter, the attitude of most women indulged in promiscuous attitude is alarming. Women who are married even take the top spot when it comes to exhibiting this attitude. What can be the cause of this rising change in attitude in our women today?

In the past centuries, it was not heard that a woman has numerous partners. Women were always sticking to their husbands or their partners as the case may be. This generation has brought a different look to the attitude of women towards relationships and satisfying desires. Let us look at the possible cause of this attitude in women;

Some reasons why women involve in promiscuous habits

To satisfy their material desires:

It is no more news that women give their body to men to acquire one favor or the other. This factor might be said to be one strong reason why women involve in promiscuous attitudes. Most women who can not achieve by their God given ability always see promiscuity as an escape route to their success.

Unsatisfying partner:

Most cases where women are seen in promiscuous habit are because of their partner’s inability to satisfy them in one way or the other. Women are known to be very emotional; there is always a longing to satisfy emotions by a woman. When her man does not satisfy her emotions, there are tendencies that she might look for satisfaction outside.

Different orientation in different women:

Most women are brought up with different orientation. Some are brought up in cultures that do not give any attribute to sexual relationships. This orientation makes a woman careless about his relationship with a man.

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