Basic Conflict Resolution Process in a Relationship

Conflict resolution in a relationship demands total involvement by couples. There are bound to be differences among couples, but their ability to deal with these differences is what holds their relationship. Conflict is a normal occurrence in every relationship but its abnormality shows itself when couples are unable to resolve conflicts between them. Understanding between couples grows with their continuous strength in handling conflicts between them.

The concept of conflict resolution in a relationship is more fragile to handle compared to other forms of conflict resolution. This is because, in a relationship, couples are emotionally attached. Emotional situation might be a little vigorous to handle because it can be explosive if things does not turn out well. This is why it is advised that couple should take every necessary precaution in an attempt to resolve their differences.

Helpful attitudes which can aid couples resolve conflicts between them

Make efforts to understand the reason behind the conflict:

Most couples jump into conclusions without making any effort to fully understand the reason behind the conflict between them. Problems which arise between couples might not be as big as it seems, but situations become disastrous due to the fact that most couples do not take their time to understand the reason behind these conflicts. Better understanding of a conflict will ensure better resolution.

Do not get emotional in the process of conflict resolution:

It is difficult to resolve conflicts emotionally, especially when it has to do with relationships. If a couple allows emotion to overwhelm them in an attempt to resolve their conflicts, their might be an explosive result. Emotion is like a fore that takes control of an individual’s actions. Couples have to be in control of their emotions for better conflict resolution process.

Ignore side talk while resolving conflicts:

Gossips and side talk has a huge limitation to the process of conflict resolution in relationships. A relationship is strongly built under the control of people involved and not on third party interference. Couples are advised to stick to their mind than listening to gossips in an attempt to resolve their conflicts.

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