Critical Decision Making Process Tips

Critical decision can be a point of change in the life of an individual. Wrong decisions at these moments could cause negative effects to the life of an individual. When it comes to critical decision making, there are many are many factor that normally will affect a person. The outcome of any decision made will greatly depend on the manner in which a person handles these factors. Let’s consider the factors that might affect a person during the period of decision making process. The understanding of these factors can help one in handing them when he or she faces them.

Factors that might affect a person at the point of making critical decision

Emotional instability:

One of the huge effects which overwhelm a person at the point of decision making is emotional instability. A person’s emotion controls his or her reactions to different situation. The amount of control one has over his or her emotions determines how far he or she will go in handling decisions. An individual should not allow his or her emotions overwhelm him or her during times of making critical decisions.

External influences:

during the point of decision making, there will be so many distractions from different external influences. These influences might come from peer group, family members or co workers as the case may be.


though this come under emotions, but picking it out will make one understand its full effect. At the point of making critical decisions, there will certainly be anxious moments. This might be due to curiosity or uncertainty.

Best ways to handle decision making effects

  • • Be positive
  • • Believe in yourself
  • • Take your time to make your decisions, do not be in a rush
  • • Meet people for advice and suggestion
  • • Have a clear mind before making any decision

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