Ways to become a Good Daddy

It is a well known fact that most children are closer to their mother than their father. This is an involuntary attitude that a child exhibits towards his or her parents without any one giving him or her instructions. Why it this so? To be a good daddy is demanding and requires lots of sacrifice from a man. This is because, the normal activities of a man providing the needs of his family limits him in giving attention to the personal care of his children. It is noticed that most men rank their jobs more important than they consider their children’s attention. This attitude builds a wall between a father and his child.

For a man to combine his role as the sole bread winner of a family and still pay attention to the domestic needs of his family makes him a good daddy. To achieve this, he has to build strategies and plan on how to accommodate the distractions and troubles which his children might cause in his career. There are few factors which a man should consider in an attempt to be a good father. These factors will bring out the attitude, care and passion between a father and his son or daughter.

Points to become a good daddy

Good communication link with your children:

The time fathers spend with their children might be less, but the ability for a father to devise means to communicate with his children irrespective of the distance between them makes him a good daddy. Fathers are advised to establish a good communication link between their children for a better relationship.

Be patient to the troubles which your children cause you:

Most fathers freak out to the worries and troubles they get from their children. Know that children are adventurous; it is advised that one find a way to handle his children worries rather than turning his back on them or using negative approaches.

Let them know you love and care for them:

Remember that this is not only the issue of buying them gifts and showing them material love. This goes beyond that to the emotional affection which you have to show your children. Be there for them when they are in emotional troubles and find difficulty in handling their life challenges.

Be a friend to your children:

The fatherly love which exists between a father and his children can be made closer, if they have a friendly approach towards their father and child relationship. Children open up to their friends more than their parents. This is why it is necessary for a father to find means of making his relationship with his children as friendly as possible.

Try to spend some quality time with your children:

The more time a father spends with his children, the closer they become. In as much as a man has so many things to handle in terms of job, finance and others, he should know that spending quality time with his children stands tall as a high priority for him.

Do not be harsh on your decision to your children:

Children are easily scared by harsh attitudes. A father should be careful on how his uses words in front of his children. Once you scar a child with a harsh attitude it will be difficult to bring him or her close again. Children harbor most of their bad experiences in their mind and it also affects the way they view life.

Life an exemplary life:

The life of children is full of emulation. They always try to imitate and emulate whatever they come across. As father it is your responsibility to show the children good example so that they can follow your path as a good daddy.

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