A Glimpse at Few of the World’s Most Exclusive Watches

Among the few accessories men wear watches are the most important ones. There is variety of styles available out there on the market. Depending on the type of attire one wears he could choose his watch. For example there are watches that could only be worn with formal wear such as suit and then there are other kinds that could be worn with casual wears. Here is an exclusive list of world’s famous brands to help you with your watch search.

Gronefeld Exclusive Timepieces:

It is a new brand from an independent Netherlands watchmaker. Bart and Time Gronefeld are the two brothers who developed and designed this brand. Their design became famous and well known because of their uniqueness. After gaining years of experience as watch technicians they designed their own brand and made it to be one of the best brands that are available on the market now.

Last year Gronefeld Exclusive Timepieces developed a new watch that features a minute repeater and as well as a tourbillion that is known asGM-T06. One of their very recent designs is with a unique complication that’s called One Heartz.


Certina offers an exclusive collection of men sport watches. This collection has small but very attractive styles. Depending on your taste and budget you could choose different styles.


There are some exotic masterpieces available in the Cystos watch collection. This is fabulous collection only from men. Cystos watches have the best chronograph features and as well as mechanism that reveals dials. Almost all the watches from this collection are very attractive. If you are going on a once in life time date then this is the collection you should choose from if you want to impress your date on the first day.


This is one of the exclusive collections of watches. This company was founded in 1871. The models that are offered for men by this company are known to be creative designs in the fashion world.

Corum Golden Bridge:

Compared to the other ones this is a very small collection. However, it is known to be a work of art. It is a hand designed watch that has a golden bridge through its center. The entire mechanism is held by this 18K golden bridge.

Corum Admirals Cup:

This brand is from a famous Swiss watchmaker called Corum. This brand is known for its quality and exotic designs. Just by looking at the design once would be able to identify its mark as Corum Admiralss Cup. No resemblance could be found between these watches and other brands. These designs again are mainly developed for men.


Colibri is known for its pocket watches. This mark was known to be famous among men from ancient rich aristocratic society. If you are looking to choose from a variety of innovative pocket watches then this is the perfect brand to go for.
Coach: It is a well known name for leather accessories. It also has it unique collection of men’s watches that are distinctive both in style and design.

Note that most people rate a man by his appearance, the more organized an individual appears the more people quantify him with an appreciative gesture. Watches are truly one factor that can upgrade the look and appearance of a man, so every man should endeavor to make suitable choices in the quest for a better appearance.

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