The Effects of Power and Money

Humanity seeks for power and money. Everybody is working towards being a powerful person, to influence his or her society and environment. Power and money, for some people is regarded as success. The big question that follows this is; after achieving power and money, does the problems and difficulties in the life of an individual end? From facts, it has been observed that most powerful men who have more than enough money experience the most talked about problems in the world today.

Even the bible says that; ‘money is the root of all evil’. What might wonder why people who are influential and power tend to find life even more difficult to handle than a common man? It is normally said that the more powerful a person becomes, the more power his or her problems becomes. Let us explore in some factors that might cause people who are powerful and influential to face different challenging times;

Factors that might be the case of the problems faced by rich and powerful men

A complicated life:

Being rich and powerful has a lot of challenges. One of these challenges is that fact that these set of people have so many thing complicating thing that face them daily, these challenges have to be overcome for them to attain the position in the society.

Expectations from people:

People in this position of life are held on high esteem by the society around them. These set of men have to have to live up to expectation to preserve their names. Sometimes the actions of rich and powerful people are governed by the reactions and attitude of people towards them.

Maintaining their status:

It is not easy for people who have money and power to maintain this level of authority in the society; it demands a lot of planning and dedication to be who they are.

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