Avoiding Courtship Mistakes

Courtship mistakes are made due to the fact that couples go beyond the boundaries which hold the principles of courtship. While courting, it is important that couples hold on to the basic purpose of their being together. This will ensure that they optimize the efforts they put in understanding each other. There are phrases involved in the practice of courtship, these phrases symbolize steps in couples have to pass in order to fully certify their unity together.

We shall consider the phrases involved in courtship and the mistakes couples make at each phrase. This will enable couples to find out how to handle the difficulties they face in courtship period and also limit their mistakes.

Phrase one in courtship

This is at the beginning part of courtship; it is a crucial time in the life of couples. It is very easy to make mistakes at this point. This is because couples are getting to know each other. At this point couples do not find any reason to hold on if things fall apart because no body has anything to lose at this stage.

The mistakes people make at this stage is the fact that they usually rush into intimacy during this point. It is important to note that courtship is a gradual process that requires lots of patience. If one rushes into intimacy with his or her partner at the early stage there are serious possibilities that things might fall apart. It is advised that couples take their time to understand and know each other at the phrase one of courtship.

Phrase two in courtship

After going the phrase one in courtship, couples should have gained a good understanding of each other. The phase two ushers in a testing time for the couple. This is a period where couples need to go through different kinds of test in different situations.

It is important for couples to always remember that marriage is a life time journey. In this journey, they will face different kinds of situation; the good the bad and even the worst. The period of courtship prepares the mind of couples to embrace what ever that comes their way when they are married. If couples do not pass these tests during their courtship time, it might be difficult to scale through when they are married.

Most couples make the mistake of overlooking the out come of the phase. This might result to couples having a conditional married life. This means that they might not be able to go through certain situations that will face them in the life together.

Third stage in courtship

This might be considered as the final stage in courtship. This is a stage of evaluation and decision. A lot of carefulness is needed at this stage, in order not to make wrong decisions. At this point couples are expected to have gathered good knowledge about the other partner. They also have gone through different situation together. The proper evaluation of these stages will help them know how to handle different situations when they are married.

Precautions to take in courtship

• Approach courtship with gentleness and with open heart. This will enable accept your partner with every thing you have inside you.

• Do not rush into conclusions in courtship. It is advised that an individual evaluates situations totally before making a decision.

• Put efforts in sacrifice to ensure that there is true understanding between you and your partner.

• Accept whatever challenges that faces you during courtship with open arm in other handle it properly.

• Live to love your partner every day and do not complicate you courtship period by indulging in any unfaithful act.

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