Diversities among Christian Teachers

The diversities among Christian teachers have been considered as misleading to the congregation and the Church in general. Over the years, most Christian teachers have developed different method of teachings which can be said to contradict the doctrine of the church. Many verses in the bible have been interpreted in the manner that will suit a teacher and not towards the directive of the spirit. Situations arise where most people in the congregation get confused due to diversities of interpretation of a particular portion of the bible.

These teaching diversities among Christian teachers have caused many problems to the growth of the church and its faith. Different denominations have developed tactical means of extorting money from their members by twisting one or two portions of the bible. This has caused many obstructions to the building of faith among the members of the church. Let us consider some effects of the diversity in teachings among Christian teachers to the church.

Problems caused by differences in Christian teachings

Confusion in the church:

The church is facing a confusing time because of the differences in teaching observed in the church. Some denominations do not believe in the teachings of others. This results in confusion in the Christian church.

Limitations in faith growth:

The growth of faith has been limited among Christian members due to diversities of teachings in the church. Most people have heard different teachings that they do not know what to believe any more. This keeps their faith in a stagnant position.

Hatred among the Christian communities:

Most Christian teachers have made their members believe that other denominations do not follow the real Christian teachings. This has developed discrimination and hatred among different denominations of the church. Some Christian churches are even told not to marry from other Christian denomination. This is really a big problem to the unity of the Christian faith.

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