How to dictate affection from a woman

It might be surprising to know that most men contemplate in their heart daily about the gestures they receive from different woman. They wonder whether these gestures are signs of affection or not. To dictate affection from a woman, it is necessary to know more about the feelings of a woman and how they react to emotional situations. It is important for a man to systematically follow a woman with gestures which will expose her thoughts in order to dictate affection.

Few ways to dictate affection from a woman

Try to initiate a conversation with her:

The mouth speaks from the heart. Even if a woman tries to hide her affection for a man, by engaging series of conversations, it will be easier to dictate from her words. The more a woman talks about a man, the more she uses her words to describe what she feels in her heart for him.

Look directly into her eyes:

Women always feel comfortable looking into the eyes of the ones they love. If a woman can fix her eyes on you for a long time, this means she might have affections for you. Once you dictate a disgusting and uncomfortable gesture from her when you look into her eyes, it is a sign that she does not feel anything for you.

Observe at attitude when you are around her:

A woman who has affection for you will wan to be in her best when you are around. This is one of the effective ways to dictate affection from a woman. If she puts her dress in order, make up feel a little uneasy when you are around her, it just a green light of affection.

Does she check you out? :

A woman who always wants to know what is new with you has affection for you. It might be in your career, dressing, love life etc. If she always desires to know about you, it is a sign of affection.

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