Lack of Practical Love among Men

The word love is described as a practice of so many diversities, this is because many people have their personal opinion of love and how it show be practiced. The concept of practical love, deals with actions and not sentimental gestures towards the loved ones. Most men profess love easily without putting in practice what they profess. In recent days most men show love in order to satisfy their lustful desire. This slims down the chances of observing a true act of practical love in our society today.

How can one practice a love that is practical?

If love is genuine and real, it has to be shown in a practical manner. The reason why it is always emphasized that couples should put their love to practice is to avoid misconception of love. The human mind is said to be unpredictable. The more people in a relationship practice their love, the more they go deeper in knowing each other.

The way two people act towards each other shows how much love they have for each other. One cannot say he or she loves someone and acts in the opposite manner. Individuals have to show certain attitudes that will help them build a lasting love around them. Some of the attitudes that will help couples build love around them include:

Best ways to show love in practice

Good communication between individuals:

A good communication link between two people in love will serve as a binding bond. Couples who establish a good communication between themselves do not only show their love in practice but they are also preserving their love for the better.

Spend Quality time together:

The time spent with a loved one show true love in practice. Most people claim to love someone but find it difficult to spend quality time with them. Note that little time spent with a loved one is never wasted.

Buying presents when necessary:

Gifts and presents have a way of showing love and affection. One can only buy presents for his or her loved and cherished ones. It is advised that couples in a relationship or marriage develop the habit of sharing gifts in order to show their love in practice.

Why do men lack the practice of practical love?

Lust desires:

Scientifically, it has been proved that men have a little restriction in controlling their feelings. Men are triggered by the sight of a woman’s body. This is contrary when compared to the women, whose develops their emotions with time. This attitude in men can make them go as far as professing love just to satisfy their desire.

The act of promiscuity:

Men who are promiscuous do not believe in a love that is practical, this is because it demands more sacrifice than they can offer any woman. For these set of men, their orientation for love is to sleep with as many women as possible.

Wrong ideology of love:

Most men develop a wrong ideology of love even from a tender age. These set of men might have being influenced by the kind of love practice they saw around them when they were growing up. This mentality sticks to their mind and they end up acting in the same direction.

Personal experiences:

Most men no more believe in practical love because of what they suffered in the hand of another woman. When a man is heartbroken in a relationship, it will be difficult for him to give everything when he gets into another one. This might be to avoid the past experiences from reoccurring.

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