Problems caused by Diversities in Religion

The unity and peace of the world have been truly affected by the diversities in religion practiced around the world. Most religions in the world today have turned the hearts of their members into discriminating other people who do not practice the same religion with them. To some, it is believed that staying away from other religion will build a stronger faith and belief.

There is no possibility that our world will be united if people discriminate others just because they practice different religion. The basic understanding that should be in the mind of every individual is the fact that religion is a belief not a barrier. The fact that most people practice a religion today because they were born into it should be a point of concern to those who discriminate.

Some effects of diversities in religion in the world today


Different people have died due to the war caused by inter religious conflict. It is no more news that thousands die every year due to one religion fighting another religion. Most of the conflicts that arise between different religions does not even relate to their religious practice. The orientation of people has been twisted to an extent of believing that any body who is not practicing their religion is an enemy.

Marriage segregation:

Due to diversities of religion, most people are restricted in marrying who they love. Most religion forbids their members from getting into marriage with any one who is not part of their religion. Some people see this as a sacrilege, if two people from different religion get married.

Restrictions in movement:

Sometimes traveling to a country that does not practice you religion is really difficult. Most counties consider the migration of people who practice certain religion as dangerous and threatening. This makes movement restricted around the globe today.

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