Overcoming the fear of Making Mistakes

The phrase “no one is perfect” can be used to describe the imperfection in every human being. Making mistakes in life is not abnormal but dwelling on the mistake is a concern to the overall development of an individual. The mistakes we make in life are because of our human nature, which is why every body needs to culture his or her mind into alertness in all that he or she does.

Most people develop an initial fear of making mistakes even before they embark on a project. These set of people have being known to be psychologically limited in their efforts towards life. There are many disadvantages that follow the fear of not doing something right. Discussed below is some problems people encounter because of the fear of not being able to accomplish a goal or desire.

Disadvantages of developing fear of mistakes

Personal discouragement:

People discourage themselves by developing fear of mistakes. Once an individual initiates a factor for mistake in his or her mind, there is a possibility that he will not even embark on the challenge. This discouraging factor is built psychologically in the mind of an individual.

Failing results:

When an individual embarks on a challenge with fear in his or her mind, the possibility of making it through is very slim. This is because of the limited effort that will be generated by such mind.

Depression and confusion:

A mind that is worried about making mistakes end up depressed and confused. There is a possibility that when one worries so much about making mistakes he or she might feel inferior to others, which might lead to depression.

Developing low self esteem:

The thoughts of mistakes generate the feeling of low esteem in the mind of an individual. People who think or deliberate so much about their capabilities do not have a high and real evaluation of who they are.

Anxiety is developed:

Once you develop fear for mistakes in you activities, automatically, it will lead to great distress and anxiety towards what ever you are doing. Since you are not sure of your self, the approach to any challenge will be shaky and uncertain.

How can one handle the fear of mistakes?

The fear of mistakes can be eradicated if an individual sets his or her mind into accomplishing a task. There are attributes which a person has to embed before this can be possible. Most of these attributes are based on individuals developing themselves into adapting to different situations. Let’s consider some of the factors that help an individual over come mistake fears;

Factors that can help an individual overcome the ear of mistakes

Develop courage within you:

Courage they say is not lack of fear but acting in spite of fear. An individual who is under going the problems of fear should try to build courage. This factor will help you stand your ground even in situations where you are unsure of you capabilities.

Believe in your self:

Most people develop fear because they look down upon their capabilities. Any one who believes in what he or she knows should not fear the possibility of doing well when called upon.

Develop your self:

If you are not equipped for a particular task, there is a possibility that you will develop fear in embarking into it. This is really necessary in facing challenges, because being skilled in a particular area empowers you.

Do not relent to criticisms:

Most people develop this fear because of the criticism they get from others. Listing to criticism will limit your efficiency in accomplishing a task. Make sure you are empowered with the right skill and forget your critics.

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