The Characters of a Real Woman

This topic is important not just for men but even more important to women. Most people normally question the true character of a real woman, either because they want to find out who they are or they want to mingle with one. To find a woman who possesses the entire true character of a real woman is very difficult to find in our recent generation. This is because of the changes that are happening in the culture and societal value around the globe.

To define the qualities of a woman who is real covers a very large scale of what a woman should be. Everything a woman does reflects who she is and what she has in her portfolio. It is also very important that every woman takes this issue serious; this will guide her in building and developing her life but physically, spiritually and emotionally; some of the characters that are linked with women who are real are discussed below;

Few known characters of a real woman

Women who are real love being a woman:

Most times we hear most women say they do not like their gender. This is a very bad approach in being a woman. For a woman to face her challenges, she must first of all accept and appreciate her gender. By appreciating this, she will work towards adjusting to the challenges that can be encountered in being a woman.

High moral standard:

Women being real require a very high moral standard. The morals of these set of women is considered as one of their most important priority. They also respect and love God .It can also be noticed that people always love to associate with women who have a high moral behavior in the society.

Respect for others and takes delight in goodness:

Women who have respect for others and have a high desire to profess goodness are considered as real. The decision of a woman shows that she has respect for herself. This will ensure that she exhibits the true nature of a woman and live by it.

Unselfish attitude and lack of self desires:

Women are meant to think of others not themselves. The true nature of a woman is designed to take care of others. Any woman who is selfish does not possess this value.

Value for her sexuality:

A true woman who is real has value for her sexuality and her womanhood. Most women lack the value of woman hood which is why they have disregard s for her sexuality.

Women who are real love babies and are tender in nature:

The design of a woman is such that she appreciates babies and has tenderly affection towards them. Women who do not have this attribute do not exhibit the original nature of a woman.

Ways by which a woman can build herself to being real

There are some factors that can help any woman develop and build a woman to her original nature of being a woman she was designed to be. A woman who desires to exhibit the characters of a real woman should try as much as possible to work on these factors;


Most woman stray from their ability to be a woman because they lack composure. A composed woman will understand her nature and will always deal with the challenges of being a woman in a sincerely manner.


The dressing of a woman influences her character. A woman who longs to acquire the character of a true woman should learn to dress as one.

Self control:

This is a very important factor for every woman who desires to be real. Self control covers every aspect of the life of a woman that will help her develop into a true woman.

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