Proper Father Care Guide lines

Much concern is given to mother care with little or no consideration about the care a father can offer to the life of his children. Father care should be appreciated more in our society because of the influence a male parent has on his children. Most children born in this generation tends to establish a strong bond with their father than they do with their mother. If the concept of father care is not exposed to the mind of these male parents, the children who lean on them for proper guidance will be disappointed or mislead by their father’s attitude to them.

The concept of father care comprises of all the attitudes and approaches needed by a man to be a good and caring father. Due to the role male parents play in providing and catering for the family, it will not be easy for him to deeply look into the affairs of his child or children. This concept of fatherly care will enlighten men on how to keep up their work as the bread winner of the family and also be involved in the life and affair of his children.

Some key guide lines that can help one be a good father

There should be no boundary in communication between a father and his children:

Communication is a key factor in expressing a fatherly love and care for a child. If a father establishes a good communication link with his children, he will be able to share in their personal and emotional problems. This will bring love and affection between a father and his children.

There should be a friendly approach to a father and child relationship:

Children are closer to their friends than to other persons. Once a father builds a friendly relationship with his children, it will make them closer in every aspect of lie.

Do not be harsh on your children mistakes:

Children are adventurous in nature; they always want to try one thing or the other. By doing this they make so many mistakes. It is the responsibility of a father to gently guide his kids to a safe side of life. Being harsh to these mistakes will create a boundary between a father and his children.

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