Strict Parents – Consequences and Effects

Strict parents have encountered lots of criticizing lately. Not only that this method of parenting is not appreciated by the public but the children seem not to be responding to this it. There are great consequences that follow parents who decide to follow strict measure on their children. Parenting is all about showing love and affection to your children. It should also be built on guiding children on the necessary attitudes they should adopt in different situations.

It is necessary for every parent to note that children are adventurous in the way they think and act. Being a strict parent will generate a very bad approach in a child towards his or her adventurous nature. Below are some serious effects of parents being strict on their children;

Effects of parents being strict on their children

Secretive attitude by the children:

If a parent becomes strict to his or her children, there is a possibility that the children will hide their personal issues from him or her. Children do not like to be scolded all the time, to prevent this they will be secretive to a parent who is very strict to their mistakes.

Distance from their Parents:

parents who are strict to their children only succeed in creating a gap in the relationship between them and their kids. This have is observed in the attitude these set of children relate to their parents. The relationship between a parent and his or her children should be a friendly one. This will help them to shear things in common. But strict attitude is a limitation to this.

Strict parenting can be misleading to the children:

Children might mistake a strict attitude to be hatred or lake of love from their parents. It is necessary that parent put this into consideration for a better relation with their children.

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