Infertility Problems among Couples

The twentieth century has brought about a very high increase in issues related to infertility. This infertility problem has become a concern because of the limitations it has to the development of a family. Most couples have gone their separate ways because of their inability to have children. What could be the cause of this problem? Why is this situation increasing in recent days? Let us consider most factors that might be the reason why infertility problem is being experienced more in this century;

Possible reasons why there is an increase in the rate of infertility

Environmental change:

There have being lots of change in the globally when is comes the climate and the environment in general. Medical practitioners has have said that the climate change is gradually affecting the cells in the human body. Every body is talking about global warming and its effects to the environment. So many people are not thinking about the effects of global warming to the tissues and cells in the body. It is said that these changes have an effect to the fertility cells of an individual. Scientists have even predicted more effects of these changes on the human body.

Food content:

It have also been proved that the content of food consumed by people in the recent generation endangers the productive cell in the body. Most food contains chemical meant for the purpose of preservation, but they turn out to be harmful substances which affects the cells in the human body. Due to the consumption of sugar contained in most food in the market today, the sperm count of most men is lowered.

Inability of couples to be faithful:

Another possible cause of infertility is the inability of couples to stick to their partners. Medically it is known that any stress caused to the productive cell limits the possibility of fertilization. The attitude of couples being unfaithful results in too much stress to the cells of the productive system. This will lead to serious limitations to the fertility of an individual.

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