Can you date your Best Friend?

Most people have asked this question over and over again about the possibility of dating their best friend. The truth is that it can be dangerous and still be very interesting. Most people who have dated their best friends have different stories to tell about their experience. Some think it is a good idea while others always regret at the end of the day. We will carefully look at the possible advantages and disadvantages in dating your closest friend.

Some possible disadvantages in dating you closest friend

Over familiarity between each other:

Friends who are really close share every thing in common. This includes details of personal defects and problems. This closeness could boomerang during dating because there will be nothing that will be new to the both partners. Dating or being in a relationship is supposed to bring unlimited expectation in the mind of an individual. One can easily be bored in situations where there are no expectations in a relationship. This can be seen in situations of dating your closest friend.

Limits in friendship:

Friendship has limits and restrictions. When two people get to a stage where they become best of friends, there are many restrictions and limits they must have set for them selves. Breaking this bond of restrictions might result into hilarious situations. This particular situation has set friends apart forever. This is because of the trust which is broken at the moment of intimacy with your close friend.

Possible advantages that might result in the dating of your close friend

Common thoughts and orientation:

The commonness in thoughts and orientation of couples in a relationship is a possible way of succeeding. Close friends have the same vision and goals, their dating will result in better understanding of each other in most situations.

Sacrificing ability is higher in close friends:

Close friends have the ability to sacrifice for their friends, since dating is all about sacrifice, it will increase the possibility of success in their relationship.

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