Get Over Performance Anxiety

Performing is a very challenging act to overcome. Most professional performers go through different trainings to be able to fix their mind into absorbing the challenges they face while performing. Performance anxiety limits the ability of a performer and also makes her unable to give his or her best while performing. A good performer knows that there is no room for anxiety if he or she desires to be at his or her best while performing.

Performance anxiety is a psychological affect that puts a person’s emotion into an unstable mood. This will initiate an uncomfortable feeling within a person causing him or her to feel uncomfortable in front of people. One important thing to note here is that anxiety that affects a performer lies within him or her and does not have anything to do with any external person or factor. It is totally an emotional problem which can be embraced by an individual or rejected.

Tips on how to overcome performance anxiety

Believe in your self:

A strong believe is one thing a performer needs to needs to make it through any performing challenge. The confidence a performer needs is always generated from the believe he or she has in his or her abilities to perform. With a shaky approach to performing, an individual will not be able to be at his or her best.

Focus on your performance not on pleasing the audience:

The best of your performance will be shown in your performance not on the gesture of your audience. Gestures expressed by the audience might be misinterpreted by a performer if he or she focuses on them. The most important a performer should be concerned about while performing is putting his or her best.

Satisfying preparation:

Good preparation will ensure that a performer approaches performing challenges with a lot of challenges. Lack of proper preparation makes one have doubts about his or her performing abilities.

Performing anxiety can be avoided if an individual makes a strong decision from inside, confident that he or she will be able to deliver while performing.

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