The Concept of Early Marriage

There are many challenges that follow early marriage. There is a pushing factor in some young men and women to tie the knots at an early stage. On the contrary most young men think it is not advisable to marry at an early stage. Knowing that the happiness of an individual strongly depends on the state of his or her married life, it is better for young men and women to make a concrete and thoughtful decision on this issue of getting married early in life. It is also important to mention that a particular decision made about marriage about marriage in the life of an individual could either improve or destroy him or her.

Some people have had god testimonies about early marriage while other has experienced more than they bargained for in the negative direction. A young individual has so many challenges in his or her life. These challenges could be a positive thing to marring early. It can also lead to a disaster if he or she follows it wrongly. In this article, we will consider the reasons for positive and negative out come of a person marring early in life.

Negative results of being married early in life

Inexperience between the couples

: One of the problems young people face when they tie the knots early is lack of experience in dealing with marriage challenges. We all that marriage is not a bed of roses, there are many difficult challenges that can be experienced in a marriage. If couples are not strong enough to handle these problems, it might be very difficult for them to be together. Most young people who get married early have not experienced much in life, so they tend to freak out when marriage difficulties are faced along the line.

Adventurous character of young people:

Marriage is a very delicate issue not an experimental issue. Young people have an adventurous mind in every thing they embark on. This attitude is seen as a very wrong factor to growth of a marriage. When situations between couples are treated casually and nonchalantly, there will be clashes between the man and his wife always. The major problem with young people is the fact they always think they have the energy, so they desire to explore when they are still young.

The problem of Immaturity among young ones:

one of the major factors that lead to a successful married life is maturity. When couples lack maturity in handling their affairs, things might not turn out successful as it should be. Young people lack this matured attitude in handling problems. This will definitely be a problem in their life as married young couples.

Positive look at early marriage

A call to duty and responsibility:

Once married couples know that they have a very challenging task ahead to make their marriage work; this will motivate them to work harder and be responsible in all that they do. This will also reflect in their reaction to different situations, because they will be influenced by their married life.

Early achievements in life:

Marring early in life is a wake up call for a young individual to start working on his or her achievements. The early a person starts establishing his or her self in life the more stable he becomes.

A relaxed old age:

After an early struggle as young couples, they have a better chance of relaxing at their old age. It has been observed that most couples who marry as young people end up not struggling at their latter life. They most have trained their children and achieved enough to keep them at old age. this is one of the major advantages of marring early.

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