Health Effects of Natural Food to the Body

The recent generation has introduced a high in take of chemicals in the body in place of natural food. People are deprecating health wise because of the effects of the chemicals contained in the food consumed today. Medical researchers have found out that 70 percent of food consume today have lost its natural value because of the preservatives used in them. Most Supermarkets and shops today parade more of artificial food that the natural food. This is to show the demand people have for these artificial food which has side effects on the human system.

The recent century have experienced the most shocking increase in health problems when compared with other past centuries, because of the way people now live their lives. We have discovered different kinds of dangerous diseases today which are direct effects of the food we consume. Let us discuss some of parts of human body which have been affected by too much consumption of chemical containing food;

Areas where artificial food have a affected the human health

The fertility ability of an individual:

Medical practitioners have shown concern about the low fertility seen in the human body today. Most couples find it very difficult to reproduce because the cells responsible for reproduction are damaged by chemical contained in the food they consume. Most people have even embarked of artificial method of reproduction.

Lungs and heart problems:

The life of many individuals has been shortened due to the effects of food they consume on their heart and respiratory system. Most substances contained in most food intoxicate the breathing ability of an individual.

The brain and retentive memory of an individual:

it have been discovered recently that there is a decrease in the retentive ability of most young people today. Researchers have related this defect to the consumption of chemicals contained in food.

It is important for people to realize the effects of too much consumption of artificial food. This will encourage them to resume the habit of eating natural food for a better health.

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