Reasons why Most Men Smoke

The medical associations of different government have openly condemned the habit of smoking. But it seems as if the more condemnations smokers get, the more they get deeper into the habit of smoking. Reasons why most men smoke is a big question on the lips of many people toady. Why is it very difficult for a man to stop smoking even when he knows the harmful consequences of this habit? Daily many people fall to the clutches of death due to sicknesses related to smoking.

One thing that is sure is that there is a reason behind the smoking habit of every man. Most men have confessed of one reason or the other that made them addicted to smoking. Some of these reasons are said to be psychologically related, that is why it is so difficult for one to break the bond of smoking. Below are few reasons which are related to the why men smoke.

Few reasons why men indulge in smoking

Peer influence:

Most men are into the habit of smoking today because of the group of people they follow. When a man in always in the mist of smokers or have them as friends, there is a psychological possibility that he might be influenced by their habit.

Frustration and depression

: There are situations where people started smoking because of the frustration and depression they feel. Most men see smoking as a way of overcoming the feeling of failure and depression.

To show their tough nature:

It is true that most men smoke to show that their tough nature. The content of tobacco, nicotine, can influence an individual to feel tough. Some men use this opportunity to showcase their strength by smoking.

To overcome difficult challenges:

Men also smoke to build their confidence towards overcoming different challenges. Men who smoke believe that they are motivated after smoking to take up any challenge.

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