Reasons for High Divorce Rate

Statistic reveals today that we are experiencing a high level of divorce in this century than it has ever been seen in the history of man. This high divorce rate is said to be caused by the effects of advancement of science and technology. It Is also said to be on the increase because of the different perspective in which people now view issues related to marriage.

Initially, couples are known to spend their lives together no matter the situation they might pass through. Couples learnt to endure the differences they face in their marriage till they grow old. We now see an opposite of this situation in this century. Couples now look for the slightest opportunity to quite their marriage. It has also been observed that many marriages break up today because of carelessness and nonchalant attitude seen on the side of most couples today. All these contribute to the cause of the high divorce rate in our society today.

Few reasons when most marriage ends up in a divorce

Careless attitude by couples:

Marriage is a very important treasure that should be guided with care and diligence. Some couples do not realize this, and that is why they end up in divorce at the end of the day. Every situation at comes up in the life of couples should be handled with care, sincerity and honesty.

Lack of commitment in most marriage

: Most couples believe that they can live an independent life; this makes them nonchalant when it comes to commitment to their marriage. Couples are meant to preserve their marriage with all that they can give. But it is seen that there is a very reluctant attitude on the part of most couples to commit to their marriages.

Wrong orientation about marriage:

It has been observed that most young couples have a wrong orientation towards marriage. Some get into marriage thing that marriage is all about pleasure. Many people do not understand that you sacrifice a lot during marriage. This wrong orientation make couples freak out when difficult situation arises in their making.

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