Benefits of Beer Drinking

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of beer drinking? If yes, just read the article and come around.

What exactly is beer?

This is one of the most common drink overall, which consists of water, hops, yeast and malted barley. Beer is produced during fermentation process. The name of the whole process is brewing. This is the world’s oldest known alcohol. People were brewing beer since 4000 BC. The oldest known proof of using beer by people was discovered in Mesopotamia. Aborigines were using this drink as a part of prayer to goddess Nikasi. First, they prepared the beer and then they dedicated it to goddess as a gift. The strength of beer depends on way of production. The most common strength of these drinks are around 4%-8% of alcohol, but there are beers, which can have even 20% of alcohol. Beers have accompanied people since ages until recent days.

In recent world, there are a lot of sympathizers and opponents of drinking this nectar. Opponents very often accent bad effects of taking this alcohol. They say that drinking beer can cause damages and people who drink it tend to lose their control and behave aggressive and indecorously. That is right, however everything depends on amount of drinking. Drinking beer can be really healthy and profitable until people do not take this nectar too much. Accordingly, we should not remove beer from our life but instead should drink it sensibly.

Health benefits of drinking beers

Not only wine, but beer also has curative and relaxation properties. Just sit down comfortably, take a beer from fridge and get to know about the benefits of beer drinking in moderation.

  1. First of all, this amber fluid protects against heart disease and stroke. It reduces possibility of getting them.
  2. It has relaxation abilities. People feel more comfortable and relaxed after drinking one/two beers. They do not have sleeping problem.
  3. This nectar raises the level of beneficial cholesterol and decreases the possibility of blood clot.
  4. Beer includes a lot of important vitamins and nutrients, which are very essential for human life. They include vitamin B6, which is responsible for producing haemoglobin, second one is vitamin B2, which has a big impact on positive working of nervous system. It also has nutrients like potassium, calcium, phosphorus.
  5. Drinking beer also maintains proper amount of sugar level in blood.
  6. It helps with removing kidney stones.
  7. Composition of beer contains vitamin P, which is also known as flavanoid. It protects people against common diseases. This component should also be used by menopausal women, because it has similar abilities to oestrogen. Accordingly, it may produce a natural form of Hormone Replacement Therapy.
  8. Beer has good and profitable influence for older people. Like we said, it sets people’s mind at rest. And next very important thing, specially in case of elderly people, drinking beer makes urination easier.
  9. Drinking beers is also part of having fun with friends during parties. It can put toothy smile on faces of all friends. But in this case, people have to remember to do it in moderation.

To sum up, drinking beers has good and bad sides. If drinking beer is proper or improper, it depends only on us. Most of all we ought to know these benefits of beer drinking, and people should use it in correct way. Just drink beers politely and in moderation. Cheers!

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