Take a Break at Work – Importance of Taking a Break from Your Routine

Men want to get a great, well-paid work. They want to show the world, that they are someone important, who exist in this planet and do important job. First they study, get education degrees, second they work hard to ascend slowly. These all things give men feeling of safety and fulfillment. But is it their real target, should they spend all long days and nights working? The answer is easy. They ought to work hard, run high, but most of all they can not forget about balance between their work and their private life. When we spend too much time at our employment, without any rest, or limit our leisure time to minimum, thereby we can fizzle out. People need fresh brain to work better and think more creative. So we have a message for men: JUST TAKE A BREAK AT WORK and recharge your batteries.

Day after day

You have to wake up at 05:00 am, because your work starts at 07:00 am. You get stuck in a traffic jam, but afterwards you come in to work. You start doing your job. You work till 06:00 pm but today your boss asks you to stay longer. After all you finish your job. When you give a glance at your watch, it is 10:00pm. You get in the car and come back to home. You are at home at last. It is 11:30pm. Your children are sleeping, your wife is getting nervous because of you. And in this way you finish your day, laying at your bed, you close your eyes and fall sleep at 02:00. And next day again the same, signal of your alarm clock and you wake up and start your duties.

If you read this part and you feel that it concerns you, you should read this article and think about changes in your life. It can mean that you are a workaholic. And you have increasingly prevalent case of workaholism.

Knock, knock, it is me “Workaholism”

Workaholism is a common prevalent disease, specially we can watch it in the recent world. The name of this defect comes from word – “work” and another name of addiction – “alcoholism”. Workaholism is a disorder of being fanatical about working. This is a progressive disease. With time, this disorder is stronger and stronger. People who are addicted to this defect do not feel comfortable and do not feel fulfillment. They think, they do not do their work well enough. They repeat and repeat the same exercises all the time. Workaholic is a weak mental being. He has got emotional disturbances and can not find out himself in society. This might be related to addiction to alcohol and drugs. Men’s psyche is weaker and weaker. It is happening because they find another and another problem in their life. Accordingly, they look for a quick stress relief, which may be taking alcohol and drugs.

Everything depends on ‘you’

Of course I am not referring to hard-working people, who get good results and get promotions and earn decent salaries. These people are well-organised and can manage their time. They can reconcile the private life with their business time. These men know how to bump to the high position and get success. When you ask such a person, what is the most important at business life, he always answers: “everyone sometimes has to take a break at work”. You have to be aware of the risk involved in workaholism. It can cause a lot of dangerous effects. This can cause insomnia, mental disorders, emaciation, alcoholism and drug addiction and even suicide. Just remember, you make a decision in your life and you are only responsible for your body.

Take a break

To sum up, everyone should wonder about his life. Make a balance sheet and schedule a direction of your lifetime. Ask yourself pointedly, am I going in the correct direction? Men ought to do it, as quick as it is possible, because when they run into workaholism it may be too late. They can lose their family, and it can cause all above-mentioned effects. You do not have to be a slave of your work. Just take a break at your work, this is all what you need.

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