What Attracts Men the most?

The question, “what attracts men?” have been have been asked over and over again without specific answer. Men have specific things that they cannot resist or say no to. The truth is different me have different things that trill them, although generally few factors are know to attract men generally. The feelings a man shows are sometimes associated with his hormones and some other physical factors. Let us consider some few factors that might influence the reactions of men;

Factors that can influence the reactions of men

Environmental factor:

It has discovered that most men are influenced by the environment in which they live in. The wants and reactions of men differ from a particular location to the other.

Educational background:

What attracts men with a high education background has been discovered to differ from those who have little or no formal education. This can be said to be caused by the knowledge of exposure got by formal education which makes these men look beyond certain attributes.

Spiritual strength:

Men who are spiritually endowed have a different view to life. This factor makes them less attentive to issues that do not improve them. These set of men are rarely attracted by physical attributes that move other men.

Mind orientation of a man:

The orientation given to a man while he grows will also determine things that he will be attracted to. The family in which a man comes from installs an orientation in him. These orientations will guild his decisions and the way he lives life.

Popular things known to commonly attract men


Most men are known to be attracted by money. The influence of money is known to attract most men because of the responsibilities they carry.


This is another big factor that affects most men. Men are known to be weak when it comes to women. Powerful men have fallen because of the strong attraction of women to men.


Men are known to be moved by good cars. It gives them a feeling of success and achievement.

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