Sleep problems in Adults

There is a huge effect caused by the inability of an individual to sleep normally. Sleep problems is said to affect more that 40% of the adults in our society today. There are possibilities that a person’s activities are seriously affected when he or she experiences irregular sleep. Medical practitioner considers this disorder serious because it can also lead to serious disorders such as obesity.

Sleep problems have been linked to different causes. Most people who suffer form this problem never finds out the cause. But it is important for anybody suffering from this effect to understand the cause and why he is she is experiencing such irregularities in his or her sleeping habits. This will help him or her to find a cure, which can permanently eradicate this problem.

Causes of irregular sleep issues

There are different causes associated with irregular sleeping by an individual. Some people experience this is a result of an after effect of either an activity or a disease. No matter what the cause is, irregular sleep is known to affect the hormones of an individual causing weakness to the organs of the body which puts them to rest at odd times. Described below are major causes of sleeping irregularities;

Accumulation of stress:

Stress has been identified as one of the major factors that causes irregular of sleep in an individual. The body of an individual is meant to carry a particular amount of stress. When a person over works the body and causes it to do more than expected, he or she starts to experience reduction in working capacity of the body. This will result to irregular sleeping habit by an individual.

Diseases and infections:

disease and infections have also been found to be a cause to irregular sleep by an individual. This disease or infections find their way to the system of an individual, breaking down the working abilities of the system. This will cause irregularity in the activities of the cells in the body. Once this happens, an individual will start to experience weakness of the body which will in turn cause an individual to sleep irregularly.

Emotional Instability:

When one goes through emotional instability, he or she finds it difficult to concentrate or sleep well. Every attempt to sleep will fail at this instance because he or she has imbalance feelings. Emotional instabilities like depression, anger, disappointment can be a cause to sleeping disorder.

Sign and symptoms of sleeping disorder in an individual

Difficulty in sleeping in the day:

Most people who find it difficult to sleep during the day experience sleeping irregularity. This is because at the point when you finally sleep you might wake at odd times. If one experiences this attitude, it is a sing of sleeping disorder.

Difficulty in staying awake while watching television or sitting down:

Some people will drift off to sleep once they lie down or sit in a particular place for a while. This is a very serious sleep disorder which can affect the activities of an individual and limit him or her in all rectification. To these set of people it might result to embarrassing situation which might happen even in public.

When one is always looking tired:

The signs of an irregular sleep by an individual reflect in his physical appearance. If your friends and close ones always complain that you look tired, then it is a sign that you might be having a sleeping disorder.

When one reacts slowly:

If you always react slowly to different situations it might be a sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorder can weaken you bones and systems causing them to react slowly to different situations.

Continuous uncontrollable emotions:

With the tiredness caused by absence of sleep or an unhealthy sleeping habit, it is possible for one to experience uncontrollable sleeping habit. This will be caused by irregularity caused in the activities of the hormones of an individual.

Different Types of sleeping problem

Insomnia disorder:

This is a common form of sleeping disorder, which is said to be because of an individual inability to sleep well at night. Up to 70% of people suffering of sleeping disorder is said to be suffering from Insomnia. This is normally caused by stress, ill health, medication, coffee etc.

Sleep apnea:

This is a very dangerous type of sleep disorder caused by the blocking of the nostrils or the upper air ways when one is sleeping. This disturbs a person from sleeping properly and makes you wake up from time to time. It is advised that once an individual notice this, it is better to report to the doctor immediately. These are some of the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea;

Symptoms of sleep apnea

• Loud snoring while sleeping
• Chocking while a person is sleeping
• Experiencing chest pain, headache, dry throat when one wakes up from sleep.

Narcolepsy sleep disorder:

This is said to occur when one is experiencing too much daytime sleepiness. This is said to be happen when a person’s part of the brain that affects the act of waking and sleeping. A person suffering from this will always hear sound or dram when he or she is still half awake.

Delayed sleep disorder:

This sleep irregularity occurs when a person sleeps and wakes up at odd times. When a person sleep mechanism does not go in accordance with his or her environmental change, he or she is said to be suffering form delay sleep disorder. This means that a person with this sleep problem sleeps in the day time and stays awake most part of the night.

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