Ways to approach Memory Improvement

The inability of an individual to remember some of his or her recent past activities is said to be loss of memory. There are different reasons why people experience loss of memories. Some of these causes are said to be more of a genetic problem than self caused problem. Most people who lose their memory experience this due to biological treats which happen naturally.

Causes of memory loss


This is one of the basic factors that cause memory loss. The cells in the brain of an individual reduce in efficiency with advancement of age. Some of the cells that handle memory in an individual die as he or she advances with age. This causes an inability in a person to memorize or to remember past events.

Head collisions:

A person might lose his or her memory by hard contacts on his or her head. Most people how have been involved in an accident in which the head is affected. Have the tendency of losing their memory. This is due to the damage that might have been caused by the damage in the cells of the brain.

Effects of drugs and alcoholism:

Most people have suffered brain damage due to the intake of drugs or alcohol. These substances contains component that are harmful to the brain and its functionality.

Genetics and hereditary:

It is also real that some people can acquire the defects of loss of memory through their parents. If an individual has a parent who suffers from memory loss, he or she might probably acquire these traits from him or her.

Simple ways to improve memory

Good nutrition:

The cells of the brain get weak and die with time; this is why it is necessary for a person to eat food of high nutritional value in order to build his or weak cells.

Practice meditation:

Meditation is a practice which helps the mind activity of an individual. A dedicated practice of mediation will help an individual to strengthen the working capacity of the mind.

Practice picture exercises:

This is a practice which helps the memory of an individual by imprinting pictures in his or her mind. This will ensure that a person does not easily lose memories.

Use of memory tapes:

Most tapes are specifically used to improve the memory of an individual. Constant listening to these tapes will ensure that a person builds his or her ability to remember.

Avoid taking hard substances that are dangerous to the brain cells:

One can improve his or her brain capability by abstaining from drugs and alcohols. This will ensure that he or she is always conscious of his or her actions.

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