Women with Confidence – How can it be Achieved?

The act of confidence seem to be depreciating in most women because of their inability to stand on what they belief. Most women with confidence have been found to triumph in different situations and challenges in their life and career. Many organizations and societies have lunched campaigns on women empowerment times without number. The essence of this campaign is to bring out the best in women and to make them have more confidence in their approach towards life.
Many factors have contributed to the cause of women losing their confidence. These factors have to be overpowered by a woman who has the desire to improve her confidence level in life. Listed below are some known factors that affect the confidence of a woman;

Factors that affects the confidence of a woman

Religious and cultural background:

Most religion does not promote clearly the empowerment of women. Women as seen as lower creation when compared to the men in most religion. This factor makes most women intimidated and tends to cripple their confidence level.

Lack of education and exposure in most women:

Most women who have limited educational background, finds it difficult to face their challenges with confidence. Been exposure helps a woman to gain confidence. This might be caused due to the experience got from different areas of life.

Social factor:

Although this factor has shown some improvement on the way it affects the confidence of a woman, it still need strengthening in most aspects. Most societies deprive women a normal social rights; this make women in areas like this feel like an under gender.

Abuse on women:

The situations where women are abused in the society, makes it difficult for women to confidently associate in the society. Women shy away from social activities because they are scared of the social abuse on them. this single factor makes women hide under their shell and also limits the confidence they have in their ability to make impact in the society.

How can a woman improve her confidence in spite of limiting circumstances?

A woman has to believe in her capabilities:

If a woman has doubt in her abilities, it will be difficult to exhibit confidence in her challenges. Time has shown that most women who approach their challenges with confidence are those who have reflected the abilities in their quest for success. Women who lack believe in what they can do, also lack confidence to approach any task.

Women should overlook intimidation:

There are always scenarios where a woman feels that is been intimidated in certain situations. In such cases, women are advised to overlook these circumstances and look forward into bringing out the best they have in them.

Indulge in mind strengthening practices:

Some practices can help an individual improve his or her confidence, Practices such as meditation. Yoga and even reading can g a long way to improve the confidence of a woman.

Advantages of women with confidence

Easy exhaustion of different task:

Women who exhibit confidence in their attitude towards life do not encounter much difficulty in exhausting a particular task. This is because confidence also generates comfortable and relaxed approach towards achieving any task.

Ability to express their self:

Women who possess confidence have an ability to express their feeling in different situations. This is as a result of courage which is developed in their mind. There is no room for fear if an individual is confident in his or her ability.

The theory of confidence with women will help a woman in looking forward to achieving her goals and aspirations without the fear of any limitation. It is expected that every woman work towards this goal for a better future.

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