What Attracts most Women?

It is obvious that the desire of ladies is different to that of men. It might surprise one to find out what attracts women. Although there are different women with different attitudes, goals and desire, they have similar attitude in the way they react or reach for these goals. A strong attraction, for any woman is the first thing which comes into her mind in an approach to certain environment or situations.

The theory of attraction for women is built on the fact that they are emotional in nature. It woman has a strong emotions to what attracts her. This is the reason why most women can go to the extreme in order to achieve their desires or goals. Unlike a man, a ladies desire is not but on physical attributes. Most women are strongly attracted with inner and very affecting attributes. This is why women do not easily give in to emotional pressure. One a woman is attracted by a particular thing; it might be difficult to take her mind off it. What attracts most women can be built on some factors listed below;

Factors that affects the attraction in ladies

Mental orientation of a lady:

Most ladies, who grew up in well nurtured families, might have different approach to what attracts them. A positive orientation will make a think differently on her desires and goals. This will definitely affect what attracts her in different situations.

Education back ground of a woman:

Educated women give different concern to some situations compared to other women. Depending on the educational level of a lady, she might have different thought and feeling for a particular situation.

Environmental factor:

The environment of a woman can influence the desire and attraction in a woman. Most women who live in a well developed environment have a different approach to what they are attracted to.

Peer group and factor:

There is always a peer influence in the attitude of every human being. For women, peer influence is a very strong factor to what attracts them. What women are attracted to goes in line with their peer. This seems to be a strong factor that affects a group of women. Women have a stronger bond with their peers when compared to the men. This is why they are easily influenced by the peer decisions.

Discussed below are some notable things which women are generally attracted to. This analysis is based on a general look on things which has a strong influence on the emotional reactions of women.

Some notable attributes which women are attracted to;

Love and affection:

Women fall easily to love and affection. This can be easily explained to be because of the high emotional attribute of a woman. When a woman feels affection form a particular direction, she is totally drawn towards that direction.

Attention and care:

The emotional power of a woman makes her seek attention and care in all she does. A woman hates to be neglected and feels very bad in such situations. Once you show significant attention to a woman, she will definitely approach your direction.

Luxury and comfort:

Women are often described as the soft vessels of life. This is shown in their reaction to luxury and comfort. No woman wants to suffer, they are always attracted to people and things that make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

From the above description it is easy to notice that what attracts women are mostly based on emotional related issues. This is why most women find it difficult to let go of their desires. The overwhelming ability of a woman’s emotion can make her to a great extent in reaching what attracts her.

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