Smoking and Circulatory system – How it affects Men

The numbers of smokers keeps increasing every day especially among men. The circulatory system of an individual is said to be one of the most affected systems of the body due to smoking. Most people who are chain smokers suffer illnesses which are related to the deficiency of the flow of blood in their body. The quality of blood transported round the body by the circulatory system is lowered by smoking.

Smoke in cigarette contains substances like nicotine which affects the oxygen content of the blood. The red blood cell which carries oxygen gets weak by effects of smoking. This causes a shortage of oxygen in the body. Many issues have been reported to be reasons why men indulge in lots of smoking. Many of these factors is said to be on emotional related issues. Most men feel that smoking is the best way to put their emotions under control. Described below are few diseases related circulatory system which affects the health of a man due to smoking;

Health hazards related to circulatory system which is caused due to smoking by men

Heart diseases:

Due to the insufficient oxygen supplied by the red blood cells, the heart of smokes loses its efficiency and starts to malfunction. This will result in a slow heart beat and also cause the weakness to the cells of the heart.

Insufficient blood flow:

Due to the slow rate of heart beat, there will be an insufficient blood flow through the body of a smoker. This will cause the malfunctioning of the most cells in the body. It will also weaken the immune system of an individual, making him or her easily affected by any strange disease.

High blood pressure:

Most men who smoke have been associated to high blood pressure. This is as a result of the intoxication of the blood system by the substances contained in cigarette.

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