What is your greatest weakness?

One of the most common questions that is always asked in a job interview is “what is your greatest weakness”. The answer to this question might become one of the determining factors of your interview result. How to tackle this question wisely? Here are some tips that may help you answer this question!

Turning negative into a positive

You could try to turn something that may seem negative into a positive trait. For example you could say that you sometimes tend to spend too much time to deliver a perfect work which at times makes you lose track of time. You could also add and say you are aware of this weakness and trying to control this urge. If you could give an example where you have actually showed some improvement that would be just enough to nail this question and move on to the next one.
Here is another example which shows how to turn a negative answer into something positive. Let’s say you are not an organized person, and you are actually trying to become one, then you could mention that during your interview and explain how you are trying to help yourself. You could for example say that implementation of an improved system for time management is actually helping you to become more organized.

Your answer to this question does not matter, the important thing is the zeal you show in improving from your weakness. You should explain how you are working on improving that weakness. If you could provide them with an example that would help you strengthen your answer.

The above article just gave you two answers to show you how to turn a negative answer into a positive one and wisely tackle one of the common questions such as “what is your greatest weakness” in a job interview. Remember, DO NOT just take these answers and try to give them as yours in your interview. Every human being has his/her own weaknesses and strengths, try to find yours and prepare an answer from that.

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