The concept of a Free Relationship or Open Relationship

The 21th century so far has been full of surprises . One surprise that is escalating every day is the adoption of free relationship among most couples. This term is used to describe a relationship where couples are free to behave the way they like without a consideration of the other partner. This kind of relationship is seen most among the youths in the society today.

Researches have shown that more than 20% of people in a relationship today are open to a free relationship. With the rate at which the concept is gaining roots, it is estimated that the number of people in this kind of relationship will double in the next decade. When asked, most people in this relationship expressed a great interest in this kind of relation most of them gave some advantages attached to it. Some of the advantages are listed below;

Advantages of a free relationship

Limited obligation to your partner:

People who are in an open or free relationship have limited obligation to each other. Normally, a relationship demands dedication and lots of responsibilities from both partners. In an open relationship couples do not expect much from their partner. Most people in this kind of relationship see this as a huge advantage.

Limited bond between the couple:

Some people in a relationship normally complain of the close bonding and attachment with their partners. This might be a reason that encourages them to join an open relationship. An open relationship possesses limited bond between the couples. This makes them free to do what they desire to without fare of questioning from their partners.

The characteristics of an open relationship might sound good to the ear but one should also understand that it have its own problems. Before making your choice to practice a free and open relationship with your partner, think very hard.

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