Build your Own Wine Cellar

Wine lovers very well know that long term and skillful aging of wine might give this alcohol a wonderful value. Everybody says that there is nothing better than keeping a watch on aging of the bottle of wine. Opening such a bottle of wine, which we prepared ourselves is a big satisfaction and the value of the bottle is much more valuable for us. We can collect our own bottles of wine but we need to build our own wine cellar to do this. Although organizing and managing our own wine cellar is not as hard as we think, we should obey some rules and provide the bottles controlled environment and conditions. Be patient and the results will be great and give you satisfaction.

It is not so hard

  • Wine is a soft tipple. Its maturation needs time, peace and repose. It does not tolerate rapid changes and extreme conditions. Long term aging of the wine might be disturbed by improper temperature, humidity, too high strength of the light and every vibrations. Accordingly, the wine cellar ought to be prepared only to store the bottles of wine or also different tipples.
  • First of all, we need a proper place to organize this storage. The space in the kitchen or in the sitting room is not conducive as it rather breaks the wine than cause its perfect maturation. The same is with garage or attic.
  • The best places for storing the tipple are a special cellars, which are settled deeply under the ground. There should be a constant temperature and proper ventilation. It should not also be near the street, tracks, airport, as these places could cause vibrations.
  • It shows that to get our own storage of wine bottles we ought to build a new house or do a renovation of the old house. We can also do it as a separated structure, for example we could organize the cellar in the garden deeply under the ground.
  • However, if we do not think about rebuilding our house than we should organize well our cellar. To achieve the best results we ought to fulfill undermentioned conditions.

Strength of the Light

The bottle made of dark glass does not protect the wine against light. The wine reacts negatively on the light, specially on the ultraviolet light. The light causes a negative taste: changes and activates developing of sulfuric compounds inside the wine. Accordingly, when we build our own wine cellar we should limit a strength of the unnatural light to minimum and cut off the sunlight. We should not mount windows and in case of having them we ought to cover them. We install light bulbs inside but their amount and strength should be limited. In case of blackout, we should not use the light torch inside because it has got a negative influence on the stored tipples. In this moment we ought to use a candle.


Changes of temperature is one of the most dangerous enemies of wine. During the day the temperature should not oscillate at all. Although wine can stand a low fluctuation we ought to avoid them. The most perfect storing temperature for the wine is between 10-12 degrees. Too low temperature destroys structure and aroma of wine and too high temperature accelerates a maturation of the wine but it also withholds full maturation. We ought to remember that the temperature above 18 degrees causes improper maturation of every wine and we should finish it within one year. Accordingly, we ought to check accurately the storing conditions of the place where we buy a wine.


In case of well designed wine cellar we should not have any problems related to humidity. Even though, we need to equip our cellar with hygrometer. Ideal conditions in our storage must be where the humidity level is about 70%. Then there is not any risk of mildewing or drying the cork which could cause dangerous contact between the liquid and air. Inside wet rooms we install ventilation system. It is also worth to organize the gravel ground because this stone absorbs the water from the air which can limit the humidity.

Ventilation and Isolation

Installing the proper ventilation system causes both limiting of the humidity and access of fresh air. Thanks to this, we avoid an evolution of the mold and unpleasant smell, that the wine could absorb. If the storage of our bottles is inside the house than we ought to avoid closeness of kitchen, bathroom or hall. We should remember about proper isolation too. These barriers cut off access of negative external factors from the wine cellar. If you want to use more professional device, you ought to contact with experienced practitioners.

Furnishing the Wine Cellar

It depends totally on you, how you equip your storage during building your own wine cellar. We can be limited only because of our budget or lack of ideas. But still, we should fulfill some conditions. First of all the shelves ought to be made of solid and durable materials what leads to a proper arrangement of bottles. The shelves should be designed in a proper way because the bottles of wine should be stored in lying position. The shelves and chambers should not also be too big because it aggravates access to the bottles. We ought to also equip the shelves into plates with vintages and category of wines.

It will be also useful to provide tasting table, cabinet on wine glasses, notebook and cellar dairy. We should also equip our storage with wine opener, sink, decanter, candle, lighter and different things which we can use when we open or taste the wine. More of the bottles we open in the house but we ought to be prepared for any possibility of tasting the wine in the cellar.

What Sorts of Wine We Should Choose?

You should remember that you are an architect of your own cellar and it depends totally on you what sort of wines you will collect inside your wine cellar. This is your private storage, and the tipple will be consumed by you, your family and your friends. Accordingly, you ought to collect both the common wine which you can consume daily, without any occasion and these bottles of wine which are worth of longer aging. There should not also be lack of sparkling wines, champagnes and different tipples like whiskey, brandy, vodka. There should be regional and international tipples which you should collect while you travel what causes that your wine cellar will be a rich bank of knowledge. Good luck, while you organize and manage your own wine cellar.

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