Detecting deception in a Relationship

From research it is known that the rate of relationship failure is as a result of deceptive approach by most people. Understanding or detecting deceptive attitudes or characters in a relationship will help an individual avoid most of the disasters which are associated with relationship. There are many reasons why people enter into a relationship. Some go for the real thing while others hide under the shadow of relationship in deception just to get what they want.
Many people who enter into a relationship just for the fun have ways in which they react to different situations in a relationship. Being in a relationship demands emotions, and it is also important to note that emotions can hardly be covered. When one is truly into a relationship, his or her attitude will tell you. Lets discuss few ways in which a person’s attitude can revel deceptive approach towards a relationship;

Attitudes that show deception in a relationship

Lack of commitment:

One of the ways to know whether a person is serious in a relationship or not is the amount of commitment he or she puts in the relationship. In detecting deception in a relationship, one has to consider the amount of commitment your partner puts in the relationship. If there is no convincing commitment, then he or she might be deceiving you.

Little or no sacrifice in a relationship:

Relationship is all about sacrifice. If a person loves his or her partner, he will let go lots of things to make him or her happy. If a person does not exhibit real and strong attitude of sacrifice in a relationship, it is seen as a sign of deception.

Lies and secrets in a relationship:

When you discover that your partner lies and hides so many things from you in a relationship, it is seen as a deceptive attitude. An individual who is totally into a relationship will not lie or hide secrets from his or her partner.

These above mentioned factors can be seen as a fundamental factor in detecting deceptive attitudes in a relationship. Any other who observers this character from his or her partner should be careful to avoid relationship disaster.

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