Religious Differences in Relationships

In the era of globalization there are more and more mixed marriages happening now. True love sees no boundaries and globalization creates more and more opportunities for people of different backgrounds to meet each other and get connected. It is a generally accepted view that life would be simpler if your partner is from the same religious background as you are. However in this 21st century couples from around the world are proving it to be wrong.

Most people who have in couples in a relationship who practice different religion have experienced different problems and difficulties. These difficulties sometimes tend to way them down and also restrict the growth and development of their relationship. If care is not taken to put things together in this situation, it might be the end of the relationship. Listed below are some illustrations and possible problems that could spring up due to couples practicing different religion. The essence of illustrating this is to give most couples in this situation an insight of what to expect or what others in their shoes have in one way or the other experienced.

Some difficulties that might result out of differences in a relationship

Difficulty in making plans between couples:

Due to different arrangements and schedule of different religion, couples who practice different religion might find it difficult to maintain a specific plan. If there is a celebration in a particular religion related to one partner, the other partner will be affected due to his or her different plan.

Different orientation in couples:

Different religion has different orientation on her members. If couples find them selves in this situation, they might have difficulty in agreeing on different issues. The belief of each religion differs in one way or the other to another religion. This will have a big effect on the life of the couples.

Limitations in their ability to understand each other:

For couples to understand each other they should be together in all their doings. Difference in religion will limit a couples ability to understand each other. This is because of the limitation on the time spent together due to different activities of their religion. Going together to religious activities normally enhances the ability of couples to understand each other.

Ways to overcome the problems related to difference in relationship

Here are some tips from the experienced couples on how they actually managed to overcome the issues which religious difference may have created in their relationships;

First think if the benefits of being in a relationship would overweigh the issues due to religious difference:

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to find your perfect match, who would support you, encourage you, and help you to become a successful person in life. Once you find that kind of person, do you think it would worth losing him/her because he or she is from different religion? If you look deep into every religion, the basic teachings that they offer are the same: No religion encourages anyone to commit crimes such as, murder, adultery, and theft, and every religion encourages its followers to be a good person. The roads (religions) may be different but the destination is the same.

Learn to accept the differences and respect them:

If your partner is from a different religious background, DO NOT try to change him/her. If you cannot accept the person as who he is or she is then he/she may not be the right person for you. Life would be too boring if you live with a person who is exactly like you with the same belief system and life style. Sometimes it’s the differences you have with your partner help you to spice up your life. This is true ONLY if you find a way to accommodate the differences and see how they help to better build your lives together.

When you have kids:

In this case, the differences might create a little problem, as to how you should bring up your kids, whether you should teach them your religious beliefs or your partner’s. Instead of telling you how you could handle this situation let me give you an example from a friend of mine’s family. Her parents practice different religions; here is what they did when they had kids. They gave them a chance to get to know both religions. They celebrated festivals from both faiths. Once they thought that they were old enough they told them to choose the path which they want to follow. Guess what they did? They continued to practice the same way as they did when they were kids. Don’t you think it’s an amazing way to overcome the differences we have in this world and make it a better place? If everyone starts doing this do you think we would be losing thousands of lives in the name of holy wars?

Finally as mentioned above the success of a relationship depends on how much you understand your partner, and how flexible you are in accepting your partner’s differences. Do not think that your way of living is the right one and the others are wrong. In fact who are we to even decide that? How do we even know which one is better or right? Again, accepting differences would only help you have different perspectives in life and make your existence worthwhile. If it is hard for you to accept then reconsider getting into a relationship with a person who has different backgrounds. Would differences in religions create issues among couples? The answer entirely depends on each and everyone who is involved.

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