Why do Men Prefer Marriage freedom?

Most couples experience situations where one of them seeks to be free to do what ever he or she wants. This attitude has been noticed to occur more in the male partners than the female. Marriage freedom is a term used to describe situations where married couples ask for space from their partner . Most couples who find them selves in this kind of relationship suffer a lot of set back in their attempt to build a home.

When joined together in matrimony, a man and a woman becomes one and are no more separated. The feeling of freedom in a marriage is seen as a bad development in a marriage. If couples do not work together in harmony, it is possible that they will develop the feelings of being free in their marriage. Sometimes, this feeling is developed due to reduction of interest in a marriage. Let us elaborate the causes or reasons why men desire freedom in a marriage;

Reason why men desire freedom in a marriage

A boring marriage:

When a marriage is boring for a man, he tends to feel limited in a marriage. The happiness and fun sheared in a marriage is a factor that binds couple together in love. When there is no fun or happiness in a marriage, couples especially men seeks more interest outside their home.

A nagging wife:

Most men who marry nagging wives feel caged in a marriage. Some women have a bad attitude of checking their husband’s every move. This can be very scary for a man. This might also result in couples hiding secrets from one another.

Marriage complication:

complications in a marriage can result give rise to the feeling freedom from a marriage. A good example of complication in a marriage is infidelity and lack of trust. These factors will definitely make a man uncomfortable in a marriage.

There are many hilarious effects that follow the desire for freedom in a marriage. For sure once this feeling overwhelm the mind of a man in a marriage; the marriage is heading to the rocks. Listed below are some effects of freedom in a marriage;

The negative of marriage freedom in the lives of couples

Lack of trust among couples:

If a man starts having the feeling of freedom in a marriage, it develops to lack of trust among couples. Once a man develops this feeling within him, he loses interest in the affairs of his wife. This will build specious character in his wife.

Infidelity in couples:

When a man has a desire to feel free in a marriage, it is a sign that shows infidelity on the way. Freedom in a marriage will ensure that a man develops affections outside his home. This will give rise to the act of infidelity.

Lack of commitment in a marriage:

A marriage in which a man seeks for freedom lacks commitment. There is no interest in a marriage of this kind. This lack of interest reduces the commitment in both couples.

An unorganized home:

From observation, marriages where men prefer freedom are normally unorganized. This occurs because of lack of time and dedication in the development of a marriage. This attitude develops lack of attention in a marriage.

How can freedom in a marriage controlled

Couples can control the feeling of freedom in a marriage if they follow all the necessary qualities needed to keep them together. Some of the attitudes that can help couples eradicate marriage freedom include;

• Unlimited commitment to your marriage
• True love among couples
• Spend more time together
• Try to fully understand your partner

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