Love Illusion and Genuine Love

In our modern generation love is seen as a mere word and no more a practice. There are people who see love with an eye of illusion. Love is a very deep emotional practice which has to come from the heart. Love illusion can be described as a misconception of love between two people where an individual shows deceptive feelings in the name of love. Most times this situation is known to end up in a disaster. It is important that an individual understands the concept and the attributes of love illusion. This will ensure that he or she detects the feeling of illusion.

The reality of love is difficult for any heart to comprehend. To discover a genuine love one needs to search deep in his or her heart. This will enable him or her to discover feeling which is true and unattached to any attribute. Most people find it difficult to understand the difference between real love and an illusion love because they attach so many things to love. In the recent years we have experienced people who love because of what they see and not what they feel. It has to be noted that love is more of a feeling than a mere sight. There are many things or attributes that can help an individual differentiate between genuine love and love illusion. We will describe some of this attitudes or gesture below;

Factors that differentiates illusion and genuine love

Attraction of sight and not feelings:

Any attraction based on sight and not feelings can be comfortably said to be an illusion of love. This is the case in our society today, most people are attracted to people not by what they feel for the person but for what they see in the person. When this physical attribute of the person is lost, the whole illusion clears up. This is a sure way to detect an illusion in love.

Difference in goals and aspiration:

A genuine love between two people makes them work together in the same direction. When two people do not work in accordance to fulfilling a particular dream and aspiration, it might be impossible to say that they are in love. Love is a calm and organized attribute in two individuals. It does not work in separate ways. Love will always bring two people together in one dream and aspiration. And fulfilling this dreams and aspirations will be the foundation of love.

Simplicity and complication:

True love is not complicated. What is meant by complication here is inconsistence and excuses. When two people are in love they might face different challenges but it should be complicated. Illusion while in a relationship has so many complains and excuses. This can be a warning or sign that things are not working properly in love.

Lack of sacrifice:

Sacrifice is seen as a factor that holds two people together in love. When there is lack of sacrifice in a relationship, it might be seen as a sign of illusion between the couple. Every relationship that is built on sincerity and genuine love has to sacrifice. If there is no sacrifice in a relationship between two people then it cannot be considered as true or genuine love.

The ability accommodate errors:

A love based on illusion does not accommodate error. One of a true test of true love is its ability to accommodate error and faults. When two people are in love, there are tendencies that they will offend each other from time to time. The ability to hold on in spite of this circumstance shows sincerity in love.

Love is a very delicate attribute in the live of every individual. It is important for individual to carefully clear their
conscience in order to know a genuine love and a love based on illusion.

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