Mending a Broken Heart in a Relationship

Research has shown that most relationship turn to a disaster instead of the joy and happiness which it is meant to bring. It might be easy for couples to profess love for each other; it is another thing to live up to expectation. It is no more news that many people are heart broken in different relationships. . In this situation a person needs to organize his or her self in order. A broken heart might seem difficult to handle but with the right attitude an individual will be able to overcome its effects and limitations.

Known limitations that follow a heart broken individual due to relationships

The reason why it is always emphasized that people should careful before making decisions related to relationships is because of its effects to the development and growth of an individual. A heart broken person experiences different limitations which affects his or her daily activities. This situation is normally seen as an emotional attribute. It is known that emotions psychologically change the attitude and mentality of an individual at a particular time. Most of the problems which a person encounters when he or she is heart broken in a relationship are all linked in one way or the other to instability of emotions. Listed blow are some difficulties caused by relationship break down and disappoints;


Due to the instability in the emotions of an individual, an individual who is facing a break now in his or her relationship can be overwhelmed by depression. One big problem that is related to depression is the fact that an affected individual might not be able to efficiently execute any task in this mood.

State of confusion: Relationship break down results in lots of problem to an individual, one of the most experienced is confusion. This situation is caused by the too much thoughts and tension in the mind of an individual.

High blood pressure:

Medical practitioners have stated clearly that the health of individual is affected by instability of emotions; high blood pressure is known to be a result of emotional disturbance. A break in relationship is a major factor that can cause problems to an individual’s emotions.

How can an individual cope with a broken heart in a relationship?

Just like mentioned above, the right attitude towards emotional problems like a break in a relationship will ensure that an individual regains his or her balance. Most of the characters or attitudes which an individual should exhibit in an attempt to over come heart break in a relationship are discussed below;

High self esteem:

If an individual views his or her self lower in a situation when heart broken in a relationship, he or she will feel the pain more. One should face this situation in a self elevating manner. This will psychologically help you to stand strong knowing that you worth better than the relationship.

Avoid being too emotional in this situation:

Every effort should be made to avoid emotional reaction to this. There is always a feeling of emotion attached to a break of heart, but the ability of an individual to avoid this emotions will keep him or her strong.

Indulge in recreational activities:

Dwelling on situation like a break of heart in the situation will do more harm than good. One is always advised to indulge in any recreational activities in order to keep the mind away from pondering on this situation. The more your mind is away from it, the faster you get over such situations.

One thing that should be behind the mind of any individual going through a break of heart is the fact that; your life means more than a relationship. Try to build your life and better relationship will come your way.

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