Top 10 Men’s Colognes

An elegant gentleman is not only well dressed but also he should smell uniquely special. Just like women, men like beautiful fragrances and their awareness of the positive influence of perfumes on the female sex.

What colognes we should choose? What are the most popular colognes for men? The following descriptions should help you chose one that is right for you:

10. Ferrari Extreme
This is a totally luxurious fragrance. It symbolizes an essence of manhood – strong personality, fearless passion and activity. This cologne refers to solid and reliable Ferrari cars and the thrills and spills involve atmosphere of Formula One racing.

9. Calvin Klein Truth Men
This perfume was endorsed in 2002. It is a sensual, ligneous aroma with green and tangy notes. This is definitely a cologne for men with high expectations. The bouquet is cultivated slowly, stimulating the senses. What the women appreciate in this perfume is a fancy color of raisins and sandalwood. The melody of Truth Men fragrance is so amazing because of its unrepeatable chords.

8. Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men
Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men is a fragrance for modern and cosmopolitan men. It represents handsome and sexy men of today. Its aroma is connected with an intriguing style which attracts glances and attention of women. Men should wear it in the evening, to make themselves irresistible to women.

7. Hugo Boss Baldessarini Del Mar
Tangy freshness makes us start thinking about the smell of the sun and hot sand. The fragrance is inspired by sandy beaches of the Caribbean Islands. It is made for well-built, energetic men. The breeze from this cologne bottle brings relief during hot summer days.

6. Jil Sander for Men
This perfume accents strength and peace. This aroma is original and fresh. The fragrance coming from the bottle of Jil Sander for Men is motivating and energizing. This cologne is mainly recommended for young guys who are full of life: men who do not treat their life seriously but they live their life with zest.

5. Giorgio Armani Mania Men
This is the aroma for individuals with style and panache. The harmony of cedar wood and citrus accents of green mandarin creates unrepeatable composition. The essence of elegance and style cause women to be attracted to this fragrance. Giorgio Armani Mania Men is a proper cologne for fastidious men.

4. Christian Dior Fahrenheit
This fragrance is a perfect mix of heat and freshness. The secret of its energetic quality comes from woods and herbal aromas. The mixture of hawthorn and honeysuckle adds sensuality to this cologne. It’s masculine aroma is recommended during the day but men can also use it in the evening.

3. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio
The Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio is inspired by sea breeze, where water notes interchange with aroma of flowers, such as bergamot, jasmine, nasturtium, and white ambergris. They combine together in a very subtle and sensitive way. This is an elegant aroma, the typical style of Armani. This cologne is recommended during the day because it is fresh and energetic.

2. Paco Rabanne XS pour Homme
Paco Rabanne XS pour Homme is an adventurous, strong and expressive fragrance for men who live life on the edge and like new experiences. It is a very energizing and fresh, which attracts women and emanates a sense of male sensuality.

1. Azzaro Chrome
This is a very original composition of fresh citrus and herbal aromas. Tonic and relaxing, creates a relaxed and sensual feeling. Azzaro Chrome is a mixture of lavender, sandalwood, ginger, rose tree, cardamom, oak, ivy, and orange.

There are of course much more perfumes which are also a very good quality, but any of the aforementioned top 10 colognes are certainly worth a try. Before you make a decision as to which perfume you should buy, you ought to check the fragrance on your skin. One cologne may smell good on someone else, while on you, it has a different affect because our body compositions are different. An affection for the brand should not be only decisive factor in choosing the right cologne for you.

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