Top 10 Best Party Outfits for Men

“Tom has invited us on the party today evening,” “our company is organizing an official party on Saturday evening,” “Caroline’s wedding is on Saturday,” “come to the club tonight.” We hear these words very often and then we start thinking: there will be so many people, we ought to wear something special and look our best. Even though it is obvious, we do have doubts about what to exactly wear on this occasion. We start asking ourselves, should we look formal or informal? Should I wear a suit or casual? Am I looking too serious? What will others think about my outfit?

If you are worrying, then don’t! We can help you solve this problem by introducing you to the Top 10 Best Party Outfits for Men.

At the Club – What Should I Wear?
This is not a formal time. You usually go to the club with your friends to have fun and relax. The style that you should wear depends on the location of the club and theme, if applicable. Clubs sometimes organize thematic parties and then you should dress up yourself accordingly. For example, when they have a “Disco Night” as the theme of the party, you can dress up in a leisure suit from a thrift store.

The higher-end clubs often have their own dress codes. For example, some won’t allow you in if you’re wearing jeans, or a cutoff t-shirt. Typically, wear dark pants and a long-sleeve collared shirt. Think business casual, with a nighttime twist.

If you prefer a free and casual atmosphere, choose a club that will allow you to wear jeans and a casual polo shirt or t-shirt. Pair this outfit with dress shoes for a more formal look, or gym shoes for a more casual look.

Birthday Parties – What should I wear?
It depends on where the event is located. Plus, if it’s your birthday, you may want to dress up a bit more than normal, as you’re the guest of honor. If the party is located at someone’s home, you can be more casual. Think jeans and a polo shirt, or a nicer t-shirt. If the party is going to be held at a bar or restaurant, consider wearing khaki pants and a shirt with a collar to make a better impression.

Office Party – What should I wear?
At a party organized by your company and attended by your CEO, managers, and co-workers, you should always wear your best business attire. You should wear a classic suit in a shade of grey or navy blue. Pair it with a well-matched solid or striped shirt. The shirt should not be shiny or brightly colored. The rest of the accessories, like cuff-links and tie, depend on the color of the shirt. You can also wear an elegant watch, which shows that you are solid and punctual.

Of course, in this case your outfit depends on the atmosphere of the office party. Is it a typical official meeting with only employees of the company, or are your contractors, trade partners and customers involved too?

Friend’s Wedding – What should I wear?
Remember that this is a very special and important moment for your friend. Be sure to wear something special and elegant, as weddings are typically formal affairs.

For the wedding ceremony, you should wear a plain, dark suit. Your shirt should be white and smooth. Accessories are very visible against the white shirt, so remember to properly match your tie, cuff-links and watch. They should not contrast with the white color and should not be extravagant.

Additionally, it is important how you tie the tie. Windsor Knot is a good choice, because of its elegance. Your shoes should be black and polished.

Top 10 Best Party Outfits

  1. Blue polo shirt, dark jeans, black or dark leather shoes and a watch on your wrist.
  2. White shirt with black, straight tie, black waistcoat, dark trousers and black leather shoes.
  3. Shirt other than blue or white, whatever color suits your personal style. It should be unbuttoned under the neck. Accordingly, you could wear jeans and black shoes.
  4. White shirt and dark checked trousers.
  5. Dark grey striped casual t-shirt, light grey or creamy jacket, jeans and dark shoes. Collar of jacket should be straight. Add an elegant watch.
  6. Colorful, loose-fitting casual shirt. The trousers could be also loose-fitting. Pair with a baseball cap for a more casual look.
  7. Elegant suit with proper shirt and tie. You should wear the classic suit in a shade of grey or navy blue. Additionally, you ought to wear a well-matched smooth or striped shirt. The shirt should not be too shiny and bright. The rest of the accessories, like cuff-links and tie depends on the color of shirt.
  8. Black, elegant shirt with cuff-links, grey trousers with black belt and black shoes.
  9. Blue shirt and dark jeans. Accordingly, wear black shoes.
  10. “Freestyle,” it is your own style. Stay true to your personality and ensure you will be comfortable in this outfit.

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