Spiritual Marriage – its concept

The concept of spiritual marriage is not understood by many nowadays. It originated from the concept of “love without sex”. In this, the couple who is involved engage into a relationship without having any sexual contact. It is being practiced in many cultures between men and women for various reasons such as emotional connection and spiritual connection.

The concept of spiritual marriage is deprecating in the mind of today because of the growth of civilization and the computer age. Most young people do not follow the rules of marriage spiritually because of the orientation in which the environment plants in the mind. From statistics it is known that almost 60% of our today youth are engaged in one relationship or the other. This reduces the possibility of the marriage being spiritual in our society.

Marriage: A mystery?

Marriage is seen as one of the most powerful mysteries that will ever exist. The coming together of a man and a woman to become one in all that they do might not be easily understood by a bear mind. Many religion, societies and cultures have tried in their own way to explain the mystery behind the practice of meditation. In all these efforts made, it is clear that the heart of men can not fully understand the bonding power of marriage.

Marriage is actually viewed as one of mysterious human organization. However, studies show that half of all the marriages end up in divorce now. Divorce is a limiting attribute to marriage. The high rate of divorce is seen viewed as the lack of understanding of what marriage should be. The mistakes people make in marriage can be corrected if people understand a little the mystery of marriage. This is why concepts like spirituality in marriage are introduced to people so that people can concentrate on an open heart with a marriage.

The wrong approach to marriage that we see in our society today blinds people or limits the understanding of marriage. The truth is that wrong approach to marriage could make people derail from the real concept. To understand the mystery behind marriage, couples should try detached most practices that are against the practice of meditation.
Understanding marriage:

If one understands the actual meaning of marriage then one could promise that the divorce rate in 21st century would magically go down. What is marriage? Why is it important for human existence? Marriage brings two strangers together and offer companionship and gives them a chance to learn important lessons of spiritual love, self control, compassion, commitment and self-discipline. In addition to that it also offers a best environment to raise healthy, (mentally, emotionally, and physically) children.

Reasons for spiritual marriage

To protect the sacredness of marriage:

Marriage is seen as a sacred practice. The lack of spirituality in marriage reduces marriage to seem as a mere practice. This practice is promoted to ensure that young people do not misunderstand the real concept of marriage.

To build a better bond between a husband and wife:

It has been notice that some couples get feed up of each other even before they tie the knots in marriage. This reduces the bonding between couples when they finally get marriage. The practice of spiritual marriage will ensure that couples will approach their marriage with excitement and a huge urge.

To help people understand the mystery behind marriage

: Spirituality in marriage will help couples follow the right steps which are required in the practice of marriage. Couples could gain a better bonding and understanding of marriage if they apply spirituality in their marriage.

The concept of spiritual marriage is very deep. It is only an open mind that understands what its all about. Therefore, couples are advised to approach this concept with an open mind.

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