Best Fitness Exercises for Pregnant Women

“Woo-ow”….One day I came back home after work. My wife was sitting in the kitchen with a big smile on her face. I went close to her and kissed her. She looked at me and said “we are going to have a baby, I am pregnant”. For a while I did not say anything;after this short awareness I said only “Woo-ow” and hugged her lightly, because I did not want to hurt the baby. Then she said “What is it? Hug me harder”. For everyone of us, this is the special moment and we will remember it for the rest of our life. But this is only the beginning. Pregnancy is a long process, wherein we – men should take care of our wives and babies, who grow up in their beautiful tummy.

When I had got over, I started thinking about the needs of my wife and baby. I felt responsible and I knew that I should give them as much as I can. I started reading articles, surfing the Internet in order for making them feel safe and sound. Then I came across the topic of Fitness Exercises for Pregnant Women. After introducing this idea to my wife, she immediately expressed a desire to take part in these programme. Now our baby is 2 years old, she is healthy and happy. And we are thinking about our next child. I want to describe you this exercise program and share our experiences.


First of all, we visited our doctor, who introduced us to this exercise program. She said that my wife can not strain herself. She should do easy and relaxing exercises. She devised the personal schedule based on medical history of my wife. In this article, I mention these exercises. But you ought to remember that every programme is personal and consulted together with your personal health care provider.

Personal programme of my wife

  • Swimming

    – The water sets people’s mind at rest, the woman should be relaxed and feel at ease. She ought to swim slowly with longer breaks. She can also tread water. She can also move and stretch her body. Another important exercise is calm and deep breathing.

  • Walking

    – In the first phase of the pregnancy, she can do easy-going jogging but later she should definitely walk. Very important is the place where she should walk. The best places to do this activity are forest, park or beach. The air around should be fresh and clear. Your wife ought to walk regularly. The distances should not be long, and she should also remember about wearing good and comfortable clothes to do this exercise.

  • Stretching

  • – To do this exercise she needs the mat. She should stretch all parts of her body but again she should do these exercises slowly with breaks. First she should begin with neck rotation. She ought to rotate her head in each direction. Second, she can do shoulder rotation, she should rotate them up and down. Next she ought to do wrists, ankles and hands rotation. After them she ought to do leg shake, she sits on the mat and moves the legs up and down. She should also do sit-ups but very gently.

  • Yoga

  • – Definitely this is one of the best fitness exercises for pregnant women. They should do it gently and use the mat too. The yoga emancipates the body from stress and pressure. This is not so easy to do. But there are a lot of classes where these exercises are offered. She should take part in this.

Support from You

Your wife ought to do these exercises but first both of you ought to visit the doctor and consult with him/her. During the pregnancy every detail is important. Every exercise should be well planned and matched to your wife and her body. You should support her and help her in this programme. Even more, you should do this with her. Do not forget also that these exercises ought to be done gently, slowly and with breaks between them.

My wife and me are really satisfied and happy that we used this programme. My wife was feeling very well during the pregnancy and I was happy to see her smiling when we were doing these exercises. It really helped us in those days when we were expecting our baby.

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