Handling Problems with your Exes

Breaking up with someone is never easy, and sometimes it doesn’t end on the best of terms. No matter what happens during the break-up, bear in mind that you once had a strong connection with this person, a connection which deserves respect. To avoid any drama, you need to decide if you can maintain a friendship with your ex, or if you need to avoid her completely.

Why problems with your ex arise
There are different reasons why people get into trouble with their ex, long after the relationship has ended. Listed below are some reasons why most people get into trouble with their ex:

Constant contact with your ex:
Sometimes, the feeling between people in a relationship never dies, even if they are separated. A constant association with your ex will give rise to an unwanted feeling with her especially if you are dating someone else. It is advised that an individual try as much as possible to limit contacts with his ex to avoid unwanted feelings.

Open comparison of your ex with your present relationship:
An open comparison of your former relationship with your current one might develop jealousy in each person. Never talk to your ex about your current relationship, she doesn’t need to know the intimate details of your life.

Some effective ways of dealing with your ex:

Avoid jealousy:
Don’t tell your ex the details of your current relationship, and refrain from asking about hers. Although you may think you’re over the relationship, hearing about her happiness may cause you to become jealous.

Avoid competition:
Competitive attitudes will definitely lead to problems between you and your ex. In handling your ex, it is important to avoid any situation that might lead to competition between the two of you.

Avoid close contact with your ex:
Believe it or not, there is always a connection between you and your ex. Any close contact you have with your ex rekindles that affection. This situation might really be dangerous especially if both of you have new lovers. It is advised that an individual stays away from close contacts with his ex in an attempt to put their relationship under control.

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