Love at First Sight – How true is it?

We have all heard of instances of love at first sight but whilst some believe it is a very real possibility, others think it is more a fleeting infatuation that will pass given time.

Certainly relationships based on love at first sight do exist. Anyone who understands love will tell you that it has many ways in which it can affect an individual. People fall in love even in the worst situations and circumstances. However, the question still remains, “How deep does this kind of relationships go and how strong can it last in an individual?”

The General Reality of Love
For love to be real, it should have a pure and sincere approach; this should include a selfless desire.
Some people believe that love is supposed to grow gradually between two people. Since love is said to be a feeling, it should gently influence people and not emerge at an instance of time. An individual should be careful to differentiate between feelings like lust, infatuation, desire – these are not feeling of love.

Problems associated with love at first sight

Uncertain feelings
Most people experience uncertain feelings when faced with first sight love. This could be said to be caused by the confusion that engulfs the mind of an individual in this situation. When a person develops feelings for another person just at the first instance of their meeting, it might be difficult to say exactly what feelings actually exist between them. It is possible that a person might make mistakes in an attempt to distinguish their feelings; this is considered as one of the main difficulties associated with first sight love.

No time for proper consideration
There is no time for proper evaluation in a relationship based on first sight love. Before two people get into a serious relationship there should be a total consideration of their compatibility and ability to understand each other. Most times, first sight love does not give people the opportunity to totally make a complete evaluation before falling in love.

Overwhelming emotions
This factor is considered as one of the most limiting of a relationship. Too much emotion mixed with love can cause couples in love to make mistakes. Love at first sight is considered to be one of those situations where people over react to their emotions. This is also seen as one of the reasons why most relationships based on this concept fail to stand the test of time.

How can you tell a true love?
For an individual to discover a true love, he or she has to dig deep inside. True love comes from within. There are different attributes which can be confused with true love. Without careful consideration and caution, an individual might confuse a feeling with the feelings of real love. What are the attitudes that can show a real and genuine love in an individual? Listed below are some signs or factors that can reveal real love in an individual:

Some characteristics that show a person loves you

A person who has a strong desire to see you grow in your career
Infatuation does not look beyond the physical characteristics of a person. Any individual who desires to see you grow or develop in your career has true love for you. This might be shown in the words of encouragement or any other gesture that could pave the way for a growth in your career.

A person who sacrifices for you
Sacrifice is known to be a major aspect of love. Anybody who sacrifices his or her own pleasures to make you happy or comfortable, shows a sign of great love towards you.

Trust for you
A person who loves you must also trust you and vice versa. True love is always associated with trust because trust is selfless and so is love. The ability to love a person depends on the level of trust you have for that person. If there is no trust then there is no love.

Ability to accept your shortcomings
No one is perfect. If an individual totally loves you, he or she will accept you the way you are. Anybody who tries to change you in one way or another does not accept you and therefore cannot truly love you.

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