Why we have more Broken Homes today

The reasons why we have many broken homes today have been related to different issues. Some have related this issue to the inability for couples to handle their differences. The truth about this is the fact that most couples do not adhere to the rules that binds a family together. The growth of a family is totally dependent on the approach adopted by members of the families. If families do not promote these factors between them it will be difficult to handle maintain their bond together. Listed below are some reasons why we have more broken homes in our society today;

Possible reasons why we experience more broken home in our society today

Infidelity among couples:

This is a very strong factor that limits the binding power of a family or a home. The ability of most families to stick together has been totally limited due the problem of infidelity among couples. Most families have broken down because of this factor. If a man or a woman engages in extramarital relationship while married, it develops lack of commitment to the building and development of the family.

Lack of communication and attention among couples:

Great importance should be given to communication in building a family or a home. Lack of communication has been identified as one of the major factors that limit the bonding attribute in couples. Couples who do not communicate regularly among each other develop a nonchalant attitude towards their marriage or relationship. This could cause a break of feeling and affection between them and also lead to a broken home.

Third party intrusion:

Many homes have been broken today due to the intrusion of a third party in the affairs of the family. Family issues should be handled personally. Exposing delicate family issues to a third party could lead to a break of relationship or marriage.

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