Alzheimer and Marijuana

Memory, behaviour and thinking problems are the symptoms of this, what we call Alzheimer’s disease. This is the progression of dementia and it might be worse day after day. This disorder was called after the name of Dr Alois Alzheimer. He was the great psychiatrist and anthropologist, who as the first man described the symptoms of this disorder.

Alzheimer is still undiscovered disease, and there is a long way to find the effective treatment against this disease in front of the specialists. But, they do not waste their time. To point out their achievements we should check, what has been learned since time of Dr Alois Alzheimer.

  • First of all, we know what causes the Alzheimer. It is the beta-anyloid plaque in the brain of human, what causes the death of nerve cells.
  • The second fact is that people are usually touched by mixed dementia. Vascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Lewy Body disease, all at once.
  • And the last discover is the usage of biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease as the new diagnostic criteria.

Family History

Even though, the dementia hits the elderly (above 70 years old), it is also common among younger people, who are just 40 years old. It is caused by the genetic risk factors, which is hereditary. The most common risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease is older age. Then the risk of getting this disorder is nearby 50 percent. Another, risk factor is the family history. Those who have someone in their family with this disease are more susceptible. If there are more than two members in the family with the dementia, the likelihood is also higher.

The scientists do what they can to find the right treatment against Alzheimer’s disease. They carry out a lot of research and collect the scores of them to help the patients. All the time, they discover new solutions and technologies, but still they can not find the final effective medicine. More often, we can hear both Alzheimer and marijuana. This is because Marijuana treatment is one of the way of Alzheimer’ treatment.

Potential Contributing Factors:

As already stated, this disease is mainly caused by the beta-anyloid plaque. The nerve cells dies, what leads to death of the brain. We also mentioned about the risk factors, the old age and the family history, both of them are very strong causes of getting Alzheimer’s disease.But,there are also potential contributing factors, such as:

Disorder of cardiovascular system – it is caused by high blood pressure or high cholesterol. It leads to heart attack or stroke. The blood vessels in the brain are damaged by the high blood pressure. It leads to the devastation of the brain parts, which are responsible for making-decision and memory.

Type 2 Diabetes – the sugar blood should be converted into energy, but the process is disrupted. The insulin is not produced efficiently, what also may cause a devastation inside the brain and develop the risk of the disorder.

Oxidative damage – it is caused by unstable position of molecules. This position is caused by chemical reactions inside the area of cells. These molecules want to come back to their normal position, so they attack others molecules, and it leads to damaging cells and tissue. The final result is the brain cell damage.

Other factors – some researchers also associate Alzheimer’s disease with such factors as: traumatic accidents, female gender, low education level, some virus reactions and inflammation.

Symptoms During Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease:

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease progress in stages of this disorder. The disease emerges very quickly and the symptoms are visible day after day. There are a lot of results of this illness, including communication problems, loss of awareness, lack of memory, personality changes, problems with daily duties, erratic activities.

Stage 1 – this is a mild and early stage of the disease. It lasts from 2 to 4 years. People in this phase are less communicative and avoid others. They prefer staying in the familiar places and avoid the new ones. They may become withdrawn. They do not have willing to know new informations and meet new people. They have organising and analysing problems. The problems also associate with communication and making-decision. Individuals can also behave evilly.

Stage 2 – this is the moderate stage, which is the longest one. It lasts from 2 to 10 years. A lot of new symptoms develop during this stage. People become disabled, they need daily care and additional attention. They do not remember their history and events from their life. They also do not remember recent incidents. They do not recognise the distance between past and present too. They lost their abilities of reading, writing, understanding and even talking. They have difficulties with recognizing the familiar faces. They do not feel safely and they are aware of these problems. What additionally, may cause depression, eating problems and sleeping disturbances. They become withdrawn too.

Stage 3 – this is the last stage, that lasts from 1 to 3 years. In this phase people are completely disabled. They need a constant care. They lost their ability to common activities. They have eating, swallowing, speaking, recognizing problems. They do not control their common bodily functions. They spend more of their time at their bed. They also often grunt. Their body health is very weakened and they are prone to illnesses.

Alzheimer and Marijuana Treatment:

According to the recent researches, which were carried out by doctors from Ohio State University some ingredients of marijuana can prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) works positively on the brain, blocking the development of enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, which causes growth of Alzheimer plaques inside the brain. The specialists also observe positive working of cannabis in preventing of negative proteins development, which leads to lack of memory and cognition problems. Marijuana also has got relaxing and depressant abilities. The patients may feel more relaxed, comfortable and they sleep better.

An every new discover and technology might cause new solutions and shorten the way to find the final medicine. Marijuana treatment is not final and completely effective drug to heal, but is one of the way of medication that gives hope and gives some results. The doctors should join their discoveries and do everything to find the final medicine. Then, a connection of marijuana and alzheimer will have a big importance.

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