Causes of Hair Loss

In recent time hair loss touches most of the human beings. Loss of hair is a common appearance. Hair grow on our head and after some time they fall out. We lost about 100 hair everyday. This is a normal thing and we should not be worried about it. While we comb our hair and there are a lot of falling hair, than the problem might be serious, (for example, more than 100). Then we ought to visit the doctor and find a hair loss prevention. The life of hair is divided into phases. There are the following cycles.

  • Growth Phase (Anagen). It can last 2-6 years. More than 90% of human hair is in this phase on the head of healthy men.
  • Transitional Phase (Catagen). The hair follicle stops growing in this phase. The hair follicle stops being active and it starts dwindling.
  • Resting Phase (Telogen). The hair is dying during this cycle . The hair follicle moves into top of the skin and after this, it is completely extruded from the skin.

There are various causes of hair loss. People do not have a significant influence on alopecia. Most of all, it depends on genetic tendency, diet and lifestyle. We try to introduce you the main causes of hair loss now.


This is the most common effect of hair loss. The alopecia is more repeated among men than women. The reason of this is male hormone dehydrotestosterone. The hair follicles are very sensitive on this hormone. They dwindle under the influence of dehydrotestosterone. Instead of the long and heavy hair, there are produced shorter and fine hair. Tendency to lose the hair because of this substance is inherited.


It is related to hormones. While we stress then our body produces more hormones, which contribute to this process.


When our organism is in a bad condition, the hair loss is very common. Falling of hair during diseases can be caused as a result of high temperature or taking strong medicines. There are a lot of medicines which cause hair loss. For example anti-cancerous drugs, anti-psoriasis drugs, anti-thyroid drugs, but the same can be also caused by contraceptives.

Incorrect diet

We are what we eat. Nutrients creates our body. Our diet should be well-organized and include necessary nutrients. Lack of these nutrients might lead to health disorders, including hair loss. Especially, it is common during crash diet. While people slim, they have lack of the most important nutrients, which can cause an intensive falling of hair.


This is the next and very hazardous result of hair loss. There are a lot of chemical substances which might lead to this situation. For example, it might be caused by thallium, arsenic, quicksilver. Characteristic symptom for poisoning by thallium is blackening of hair follicles before they start to fall out. These substances were using mainly as a poison against rodents. The quicksilver is also used in production of some paints or the thermometer are also filled by this substance.

Hair treatment

Using too many cosmetics, detergents and different chemical liquids can also cause loss hair. Too intensive using of these things is very risky. We should take care about our hair but we ought to do this in moderation. The best idea is to visit the doctor or specialist and get advices from him/her about haircare.

Smoking tobacco

Smoking cigarettes is also a very common cause of hair loss. There are a lot of dangerous and poisoning substances inside the smoke, which are unhealthy for our hair.

Everything in front of us

Like we see, causes of hair loss might be a lot. It is a very often common appearance. And it is very often impossible to stop it. Even though, we can not stop it, we should take care about our hair. This is a part of our body, we should deliver them the nutrients, wash them and when there is a need, visit the doctor. But we should mention about new solutions in the medicine. People who feel badly because of falling hair, they should follow the news. One of the solution is a transplantation. But the medicine is developing all the time, and they are discovering new drugs, or possibilities to stop hair loss. Everything is in front of us.

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