Eco Friendly House in 10 Steps

Being eco-friendly is a new fashion in the recent days. People take care of environment for welfare of their planet but they are also environmentally friendly, because it can make them richer. There are many ways how we can take care of our planet. One of the manner is the eco-friendly house building. This kind of house is a long term investment and you should be aware that you will save your money. Here we want to introduce you how to build an eco-friendly house in 10 steps. Sit comfortable and take a look…

Step by Step…

  • Calculation. Calculate your expenditures. You should do a full cost plan of your eco-house construction. All expenditures should be well considered. The total cost of the whole construction ought to be between fife and twenty percent more over the total cost of standard building. You will pay more for the process of building but as we mentioned this is a long term investment, so you should save the money and it should make you richer in the future.
  • Friendly Materials. This construction ought to consist of the proper materials which are natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable. They should not be toxic. Choose your materials properly, it ought to be a balanced choice, and you should not waste the materials. Sort and quantity of the materials should be also well calculated. You can use a lot sorts of eco-materials, including: cans, glass, wood, gypsum, lime and more. Additionally, it is very important, which eco-devices you will install inside the house. If you do not know how to build an eco-friendly house and which materials you should choose than ask the specialists and they help you to choose the most efficient and proper fabrics.
  • Water Savings Installation. Water is one of the most important part of environment. We very often waste a water. We are not aware that water supplies are limited and there is a lack of this liquid in some parts of the world. You should install water savings installation to manage well your water supplies. This device ought to be installed in the washbasin, shower, bathtub, in the toilet and in the kitchen sink. You should also reuse the water supplies when it is possible by installing a rain barrel. It is a water tank device which you can use to collect and maintain the water from rainfalls.
  • Solar Panels. If you want to build a real eco-house, you can not forget about installing the large solar panels. Using of solar energy is an obligatory for eco-house. The solar panels convert the sun energy into electric current. We can also get a warm water, thanks to this device. It might heat the water. It is very important to arrange an array of these panels in a proper and the most effective way to get enough power.
  • Insulation System. You should keep the energy inside the house when you get it. You can do it by arranging an insulation system. Then you can manage your energy much more efficient. You ought to install this device in the ceilings. They will keep a heat inside the house, which is made by the solar panels.
  • Energy Efficient Appliances. Your house needs a lot of appliances which you use during daily duties, including: washing machine, dishwasher, toaster, oven, gas stove, TV, computers and more. All of these appliances should be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Remember that you use the household devices every day and they use a lot of energy. The more energy efficient they are the more money you will save.
  • Motion Sensor Light. People waste a lot of light energy, because they often do not switch off the light. They get off their room and they leave a lighted room. In this case they waste both a lot of energy and their money. You should install the motion sensor light to stop it. You ought to arrange them outdoors and indoors. Motion sensor light switches off the light for you. You do not have to be worry that you will forget to do it. Outdoors, the light might be very practical. It will lighten your path to the main door and it might be a great burglar deterrent.
  • Energy Efficient Light Bulbs. Light bulbs are a very important part of the household equipment. They work an every day. You should use the low wattage light bulbs. They are much more energy efficient and you should save a lot of money. They consume less energy than the standard light bulbs and their light is bright enough.
  • Skylights in the Roof. The sunlight is much more stronger than bulb. Skylights in the roof will provide you a strong and free light to your rooms. The sunlight spreads very easily and freely through the room, so you do not have to be worry that this way of lighting will not be enough.
  • Your Own Self Efficiency. You are the owner of your eco-house and it depends only on you, how environmentally friendly your house will be. After reading this article, you should know more how to build your own eco-friendly house. But you should study more about this and you should also use your own ideas. During daily duties, use green packages, control the efficient management of your eco-house, realize your family about the need of caring for the environment and saving the energy, segregate garbage. When you will do these steps and even more than your house will be a perfect eco-friendly house for sure.

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