Most Commonly Asked Questions About Stages of Lung Cancer

P: What exactly is Lung Cancer?

D: Lung Cancer is one of the types of cancer. As its name suggests, it attacks lungs of the human body. This is the most common type of cancer in adults. Lung cancer has got the highest level of deaths among all sorts of cancer.

P: What does it mean, does Lung Cancer have different stages?

D: Stages of this disorder show us the seriousness and extent of cancer spreading. The stage depends on size, phase and severity of tumour, that is an alien unit in our body. The staging is especially important for the doctors, who can determine the treatment, thanks to recognizing the phase of this disease.

P: How Should we Divide Stages of Lung Cancer?

D: We divide them into 4 stages. The name of this division is the number staging system. There are 4 levels in this division. First phase is the Stage 1, when the cancer has just come into being. It is small and it stays only in one area of the body (in this case inside the lungs). Second one, it is the Stage 2, while the cancer grows and gain more space. Cancer cells can spread inside the lymph nodes. The Stage 3 is the next phase of Stage 2. So the cancer develops and it gets bigger and bigger. The last, 4th stage is the most advanced. The cancer spreads to the further parts of the human body.

P: What can cause Lung Cancer?

D: There are a lot of factors which can have a significant influence on getting this disease. First of all we should remember about healthy lifestyle and we ought to take care of our lungs. There are the following causes, which might be the most common reasons of getting Lung Cancer: smoking the cigarettes, lungs diseases, passive smoking, air pollutions, familial predispositions, radon gases. There is a high risk, that people who had this disorder and got cured of it, they can get it again.

P: What Are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer, What Should I Observe?

D: It is very often hard to see any symptoms of this disorder. Accordingly, it is important to do routine tests, for example X-ray control. X-ray or different tests might help you to discover the cancer in the young phase and save the life. While, the cancer is bigger then we can observe the signs of it, we can see the following symptoms: cough, shoulder pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, problems with swallowing, blood coughing, pneumonia, paralysis of vocal cords and more.

P: I Have Cough and Swallowing Problems, Should I Visit the Doctor?

D: We are obliged to take care of ourselves. We should do the routine tests and take control of our body. We should not wait for symptoms and signs of this disorder. We ought to be faster than lung cancer. We ought to cooperate with our doctor, create a common team and together overcome every disease.

P: The Doctor Said, I Have Lung Cancer, What Should I Do?

D: First of all, you should not panic and close in your mind. In this moment the most important is support of your relatives, doctors. You ought to start your treatment, together with your intimates. They should assist you in this moment. But remember you have to let them to you. Second very important thing is treatment. You should find the best specialist in treatment of Lung Cancer. There are two main way of medication, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The doctor wants to help the patient as much as he/she can. But it is sometimes impossible to remove the cancer completely in our body. It depends on Stage of Lung Cancer. Accordingly, the treatment can remove the tumour completely or it is impossible to dispatch the thing. Then the main aim of treatment is reducing suffering. To sum up, there are two therapies: curative or palliative.

P: I am scary and I do not have chance to win this battle. The Lung Cancer is too heavy.

D: You can not give up. If you start thinking in negative way, the cancer will be stronger. You empower it, and not your health and body. Start to build up your specialized knowledge in this area. Talk with people who won this battle. Visit as many doctors as you can. Collect the recent facts on this topic. Talk with your family, they should be the biggest support for you. Do not reject their help. You can not stay alone. This is the hardest empowerment of this disorder.


First of all you should remember to take care about your lifestyle and health. Visits in doctor’s office ought to be regular. When you get used to doing it, the stages of Lung Cancer will not be frightening for you. You should also remember about teaching the prophylaxis your children. This is the disorder which we can really beat. But to do this we have to keep up our guard. Do not give up and take control of our body.

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